Bang bang testo sfera ebbasta

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bang bang testo sfera ebbasta

Sfera Ebbasta-Bang Bang(2016risksummit.orge Charles)

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At the young age of 13, his father passed away, leaving Boschetti responsible for his mother and sister - a responsibility he coped with by writing rhymes. Although he dropped out of school, it wasn't long before he found the means to forge a successful rap career in Italy. Alongside close friend and producer Charlie Charles, Boschetti spent ten years perfecting his craft; by age 23, he was regarded as an emerging talent within the Italian rap scene. Together with Charles they founded their own brand, Billionheadz, through which they released merchandise and music; their first release was a mixtape titled XDVR Reloaded. Cinisello Balsamo - or Ciny as they referred to it - was located just outside of Milan, and in order to further pursue their dreams, both Boschetti and Charles moved to the bigger city, giving them access to a wider variety of media opportunities. By , Boschetti released his debut self-titled album; this time through publication deals with Universal and Def Jam.

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In diretta dal "Deejay studio" di Roma il Trio Medusa presenta un magazine a tutto tondo Buone notizie. I suoi brani su YouTube hanno macinato milioni di views in pochissimi mesi, talvolta in pochissimi giorni. Ghali canta in italiano con accento milanese, in francese con accento magrebino e in tunisino con accento italiano. Mi sento subito accolto. Mi sento a casa. Una lieve timidezza da ragazzino e una malinconia che torna come un'ombra.

Translation of 'Bang Bang' by Sfera Ebbasta (Gionata Boschetti) from Italian to English.
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Sfera Ebbasta:Sfera Ebbasta (2016)

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