Allevamento galline ovaiole biologiche normativa

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allevamento galline ovaiole biologiche normativa

evidenziano che l'allevamento biologico e legato alla terra con una . condo la normativa comunitaria per l'agri- . 6 settimane per le galline ovaiole. Anche i.


The "Food Law" module is aimed to the acquisition of the legal principles and normative provisions regarding the protection of the consumer of food. The training objectives belong to the professional area of hygienist technician, expert in quality management and food safety. In particular, through theoretical lessons, teacher-led comparisons, the student will acquire knowledge on the following topics:. Module of "Breeding Techniques and Quality of Small Animal Species Productions" The Module of "Breeding Techniques and Quality of Small Species Production" is aimed to the acquisition of the main livestock breeding techniques, not already discussed in previous courses. At the same time, the course aims to develop the aspects related to improving the sustainability of livestock production extensive and alternative productions and product quality analysis. In this sense, for the small livestock species, the student will acquire the basic knowledge about the breeding technique of chicken, rabbit meat and laying hen with alternative systems, on the qualitative characteristics of the products meat and eggs thus obtained and on the specific legislation on the protection of animals in breeding, with emphasis on ethological aspects through ethological studies in the various species.

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Ma quali sono le migliori razze di galline ornamentali nane e grandi? Gallina ornamentale Orpington. Gallina ornamentale Brahma. Gallina ornamentale Araucana o Mapuche. Gallina ornamentale Moroseta. Gallina ornamentale Cemani Nera. Gallina ornamentale Wyandotte.


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