Plus belle la vie

Plus Belle La Vie and Bababam launch the first fiction podcast from a TV series in France

plus belle la vie

Plus belle la vie Episode 3776 du 15 avril 2019

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Find a Teacher. I'm watching it with French subtitles to help me keep up with what's going on, as they talk so fast! SO fast I'm starting to wonder if I would ever survive in France with the speed. But I would like to keep going. Also from what I do understand it seems like a show I could really get into, so I'll keep going, but it would be nice to start from the beginning.

On air since 30 August , it is currently shown on France 3 on Monday to Friday evenings at pm. The show began with seventeen main actors and gained more over time. On 11 July France 3 broadcast its one thousandth episode, a milestone in French television. The series set a second record on 8 June , with its two thousandth episode. The series follows the daily lives of the inhabitants of "Le Mistral", a fictional neighbourhood in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille , where wealthy and less than wealthy families co-exist. It focuses on their evolving love lives and friendships evolve and on the criminal intrigues in which certain residents of the neighbourhood are involved.

In the heart of Marseilles, in the working-class district of Le Mistral, the inhabitants rub shoulders, generally get along, fall in love and sometimes even fight. The lives of several families revolve around the Bar du Mistral, run by Roland. Each character, in his or her own way, reflects French society of the past 10 years, in a number of common and significant lifestyle and work places, such as the police station, the hospital and the high school. Between love stories and criminal investigations, the characters, of all ages, and all social and cultural backgrounds, blend humor, affection, passion, laughter and tears. To view full information on this and other programs, please login or create an account below. Enter a keyword. Home News All our programs Team About.

Paris, FrancePlus Belle La Vie and Bababam are teaming up to create a fiction podcast around the famous television series in which plots, complementary to those broadcast on television, are created. It launched this week. By moving into the podcast business, Plus Belle La Vie wants to reach new digital audiences while offering its fans the opportunity to experience new plots on a new medium. For Bababam, this partnership with the favourite French soap opera is one more step in its desire to democratise the podcast industry. The way in which people watch a television programme has changed a lot in recent years under the combined effects of Internet platforms and catch-up television. The next major change is probably to connect the strengths of the different media video, podcast, text, to offer powerful programmes that appeal to as many people as possible, regardless of the purpose or the time of day. Podcast is the opposite of passive consumption of content on platforms : Following two screens at once is possible, however, listening to two things at once is not.

We chose this restaurant based on reviews although there were not many recent ones. We sat down and were pretty much ignore for 15mins when we asked for a menu the waiter just pointed to the boards. We asked for a bottle of dry Food was plentiful and served piping hot. Stephan was friendly and accommodating even though he spoke little English and we spoke little French.

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