Mick fanning shark 2017

Top surfer attacked by shark 2 years ago has a close call in the exact same spot

mick fanning shark 2017

Pro Surfer Has Another Run-In With Shark At Jeffreys Bay - SportsCenter - ESPN

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Fanning, who was attacked two years ago by a great white in the event final, was surfing against Medina when their quarterfinal was put on hold. The large shark was moving towards the surfers from around m away when they were taken to safety. Mick Fanning! Fanning, who would eventually lose the heat saw the footage for the first time when he was recapping the day's action and was taken aback by the size of the large shark. I am glad they got us out of the water.

Updated August 17, Dramatic vision showed a shark thrashing in the water near Fanning during his final against fellow Australian Julian Wilson at Jeffreys Bay, east of Port Elizabeth.
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Where would you even go from there? It would have been something we could never have unwatched because, of course, it all happened primally live, in the middle of a World Tour final, on the broadcast, in front of our disbelieving eyes. It was darkly voyeuristic. The odds of Mick Fanning surviving the attack without a scratch were dwarfed, however, by the odds of the attack even happening in the first place. A shark attack is statistically a rare phenomenon, a handful a year globally, but like, what were the odds of a shark attacking a world champion surfer in the middle of a Tour final? Jack Rabbit slim.

In he survived an encounter with what is suspected to be a great white shark during the J-Bay Open finals in Jeffreys Bay , South Africa. On the Queensland border, Fanning had access to surf north and south and he began to make a name for himself. In he established himself as one of the best surfers on the Queensland points by placing in the top three at the Australian National Titles. Tragedy struck in when his brother Sean died in a car accident along with fellow surfer Joel Green. Fanning received a wild card entry at the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach in , winning one of Australia's leading contests.

Mick Fanning is chasing a 4th World Title in 2017

Gabriel Medina vs. Mick Fanning - Quarterfinals, Heat 1 - Corona Open J-Bay 2017



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  1. They say lightning never strikes twice, but it was certainly a close call for Australian surfer Mick Fanning.

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