Lady gaga bowl 2017

Lady Gaga dazzles Super Bowl with stunning half-time show

lady gaga bowl 2017

The Super Bowl LI Halftime show took place on February 5, at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, as part of Super Bowl LI. Lady Gaga headlined the show.


Incredibly, her total viewership was higher than for the football game itself, which goes to show that some peopleómillions of people, in factódo tune in just for the musical segment. That honor is still reserved for Katy Perry, who took to the stage two years ago with guests Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz. That show pulled in On Sunday alone, Gaga sold , albums and singles, and that number has surely only risen in the days since. In terms of streaming, the singer has seen her popularity explode across platforms. On Sunday alone, over 24, people added her to their listening on the internet radio giant. Many of these numbers only take into account one day or just a few days, as an entire week hasn't yet passed.

The superstar began her show on the roof of Houston's NRG Stadium before dropping down to the stage on the field, knocking out all of her biggest hits in the process. She began with a patriotic medley before moving on to the songs that made her famous, finishing the entire show without a guest appearance like we've seen in past shows. A show like this will always be subjective, but Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman was certainly a fan:. That was I'm speechless. Blew me away.

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She also got her name out there: Lady Gaga may not have been paid for the gig , itself, but it provided ample opportunity to make an impression--and money. Gaga had the chance to gain attention from those outside of her traditional fan base, which more important now than ever as she is reportedly set to announce a new world tour tomorrow. Two years ago, an extra 7 million viewers --or a total of How did Gaga fare? There were 2.

Lady Gaga Is a Legacy Artist Now, But What a Legacy: Super Bowl 2017 Halftime Show Analysis

In a lot of ways, Lady Gaga has been the victim of a compressed career arc. Her first single went to No. And so in , when Gaga was announced as the halftime headliner for Super Bowl LI, it felt almost like a throwback choice, even coming in the midst of the promo campaign for her much-hyped fourth album Joanne -- particularly after that album was released to respectable sales but mixed reviews, and its singles stalled early and often on the charts.



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