Facebook cover size 2017

Ingenious! Facebook Cover Photo Mobile AND Desktop Template 2019

facebook cover size 2017

Looking for the proper Facebook cover photo size? As of today () Facebook Cover photo has the same width on desktop and on.

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What is the Facebook profile picture size or Facebook banner size? How wide is the page of your brand? Here are all the numbers you need! Please note that we update this article once a month if you notice that something is off, please let us know via email. A Facebook page which appears to be under construction or out of date will reflect poorly on your brand.

As Hootsuite says , Optimizing your Facebook content for mobile is non-negotiable. Over half Cover photos have a wider aspect ratio on desktop. A mobile device is tall. Must be at least pixels wide and pixels tall. Well that would be great if we could actually upload a separate image for mobile and desktop. Let me reiterate, the pixel size is not the critical issue.

Well Googling it results in a mass of conflicting recommendations mainly out-of-date. Ideal photo sizes have changed over the years of course this is Facebook after all. And what we have realised is most of these recommendations are far from optimal going into And yes, we are fully aware that px x px is WAY deeper than the traditional letterbox size. We social media managers spend far too much time on desktop rather than using Facebook like our fans and Group members do i.

February 15, . We've updated the dimensions on our Cover Photo Size Helper. Thanks for What's the best Facebook Messenger bot you've seen? 13
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Facebook cover photos are a perfect example of how social media marketing is different than just regular social media usage. A great personal cover photo can be anything that we think looks great on profile; our business cover photos need to do much more. It also must be high-quality and perfectly optimized for display; this means knowing the perfect Facebook cover photo size. This post is going to take a look at the perfect Facebook cover photo size and best cover photo practices to help your images represent your business exactly how you want. According to Facebook , your cover photo displays at pixels wide by pixels tall on computers and pixels wide by pixels tall on smartphones. Therefore, we recommend using the dimensions px by px and to keep all text and graphics in the middle safe zone as per the specifications below:. When designing your Facebook cover photo, you need to be careful because the cover image is displayed differently on mobile and desktop.

Facebook Cover Dimensions 2017

How To Create the Ideal Facebook Cover Photo without Cropping

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So I made my own! Simple but accurate! Outdated infographics are still widely posted and shared, despite their misinformation. Full chart at the end of the post. Log in as a member to get your free printable! It also works well for LinkedIn posts and for Twitter, if you keep any type or other critical elements away from the top and bottom of the image.


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