Fiera di parma camper 2017

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fiera di parma camper 2017

International trade fair for camping, caravaning and outdoor tourism. The Salone del Camper will take place on 9 days from Saturday, September to Sunday, Fair location: Fiere di Parma, - September x. -


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Two important appointments, in Spring and Autumn, here in Parma in the heart of Emilia and Italy, just steps away from the world, in order to choose between thousands of pieces in thousands of different styles, check out market tendencies, discover new collecting areas, conciliate business dealing with a pleasantstay in the capital of Food valley, the city of fine cuisine but also of music and art. The city of Verdi and Toscanini, the city of Parmigianino and Correggio. Mercanteinfiera is a true antiques city where more than exhibitoris from all the major European antiques centres come to show their prizes, their discoveries to tens of thousands of visitors, whether they be professionals, collectors or simply hunters of memories of yesteryear. This goes beyond the idea of an exchange market and becomes a glorious game for the enthusiast. More info: www.

As one of the largest European trade fairs for camping, carvans and outdoor tourism, the Salone del Camper offers a wide variety of products and information. Renowned manufacturers present the latest innovations as well as all-time favorites, available services span from informational tutorials about camping in general, to equipment and apparel, to different recreational vehicles. The broad scope of this fair addresses the needs of individual travelers as well as families and serves the well-seasoned camper as well as all interested newbies. The Salone del Camper will take place on 9 days from Saturday, September to Sunday, September in Parma. Trade Fairs in Parma.

Il Salone del Camper Fiere di Parma ; The second most important European event of caravanning and en plein air tourism, in which all the European recreational vehicle manufacturers participate, Fiere di Parma S. Ogni anno fiere di Parma offre un ricco calendario di rilievo internazionale. Qui potrete consultare tutti gli eventi in programmazione. Archive Events - investinemiliaromagna. Caravan, equipment Parma Exhibition Centre

Mercanteinfiera Autumn 2017

Salone del Camper Parma 2017

Returning to the Parma Fiere, from the 8th to the 16th September , is the Camper Show , a full immersion into the world of open-air tourism. For the 9th edition, over international brands will be present, spread over thousand square metres of exhibition space. The exhibition centre will present the current trends in camper van holidays , and also plans to create GEO , the biggest green rest area in the old continent, by Travelling by camper is part of the philosophy of "free" travel, which combines an awareness of the land with personalised holidays and a healthy dose of adventure. There will be five pavilions, displaying everything from large motorhomes to minivans , for a mix of practicality, comfort and spartan spirit. Then there will also be the "family format" vehicles, for those with children in tow, which combine comfort and aesthetics. There won't be a shortage of ideas for unusual routes and destinations food-related as well , which will make the Camper Show unique in Europe for its holistic view of tourism, a combination of destinations, food and exploration of the land.

Dalla colonna "Sezione" potete entrare nella pagina dedicata alla sezione con tutti i riferimenti necessari. Nel paese dei funghi e delle castagne. La festa dell'uva. Fiera d'autunno. Capodanno al Castello.. Rosa insieme Turisti non a caso. Fiera Tour.

The second most important European event of caravanning and en plein air tourism, in which all the European recreational vehicle manufacturers participate, the most important components of components and accessories, a significant selection of tent trolleys, tents, verandas, and other camping equipment. Everything is accompanied by a section dedicated to tourism, which allows you to take advantage of innovative ideas and suggestions and a large presence of editorial products able to direct, advise, guide experts and new admirers of this life-style. The Salone del Camper is not only the most important Italian event of caravanning and plein air; the project that underlies its construction is an articulated idea, which combines exhibition experience and market analysis, initiatives to support exhibitors and the opening of inter-associative work tables. A project whose value is worth the judgment of the main European competitors, who have been studying it for two years to mutate its peculiarities and understand the formula that leads to confirm a large influx of public when other international events show heavy downturns. Exhibiting at the Salone del Camper means qualifying its products with a highly competent target, comparing itself with it but also with all the European players in the sector; and only participation in the Show will allow you to accredit your products as participants — or winners, why not — of the only Italian Award on innovation and design in the plein air vehicle and accessories sector. Exhibiting at the Salone del Camper also implies the desire of the companies not to suffer this important economic moment but to contrast it with dynamism, supported by a strong creed and at the service of its customers; exhibiting at the show highlights the desire to undertake, focusing on good investments. Questo sito web utilizza cookies per tracciare la navigazione in forma anonima.

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