Festa della bruna 2017


festa della bruna 2017

The programma della festa in onere di Maria SS della Bruna e ricco di eventi. Il 2 luglio a Matera si celebra il giorno piu lungo dei.


The partial delivery of the structure of the "Fabbrica del Carro" the Association Mary. Bruna has allowed the return of the massive skeleton of Carro triumphant in the historical site of the square, in vico Marconi a Piccianello. This has fulfilled an undertaking made to the community in that place that recognizes the site-a symbol of tradition and the only deputy to accommodate the construction of the manufactured paper mache by artisans engaged in the long work of creation. The temporary transfer of the skeleton in another place, occurred on 3 July last year, as known, It was necessary to ensure the immediate start of the renovation of the entire complex, thus ensuring, be an adequate and comfortable space for the construction of the wagon. The Association Maria Santissima della Bruna have been granted some space on the ground floor, where the craftsman Andrea Samson and his collaborators will complete the work for the next edition of the festival in honor of the Madonna della Bruna. Despite the restructuring measures are yet in place for a rest area, It will be allowed to open to the public for the traditional tour of presentation of the Chariot to the community, from 23 June July 1 next.

It is the capital of the province of Matera.
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Angeli sereni sono strappati dalle loro pertiche, statue dei personaggi religiosi sono rovesciati e trascinati fuori dalle loro spalle e putti paffuti sono portati via lasciando il carro della Madonna tristemente vuoto e a pezzi! Per ingannare gli infedeli invasori, i pastori hanno nascosto la statua della Madonna, non sul carro addobbato originariamente destinato a trasportare la Madonna, ma invece su un altro carro carico di fieno. La festa finisce come tante feste italiane! Ecco ci qua! La strana ragione per cui le persone di Matera vanno pazzi per distruggere un carro di cartapesta. La gente di Matera crede che a loro portano buona sorte. Fantastica questa festa della Bruna!

Editors Note: Certain recent events, mostly the tension between shot-at American youth and the old guard who value above all ownership of assault weapons, have made me realize that as usual, Italians have a festival for that. A very long time ago Martha and I found ourselves in the earthen bowl that makes up the cave house sassi section of the town of Matera. It was the second of July. It was stiflingly hot. Little did we know until we reached a main square that a festa was in store for us; then the streets decorated with the typical bank of festival lights came into view. Then sundown arrived without the usual relief from the heat and weary vendors struggled to set up their wares along the main street.

Festa della Bruna 2017

Although the festival is in honour of the town's sacred protectress, the Madonna della Bruna, it is far from being a purely religious event. Tens of thousands of local people turn out onto the streets for a week of celebrations with coloured lights, market stalls, town bands and grand processions., The secular party of Madonna della Bruna , protector of the city of Matera , begins with procession "shepherds" with which the old neighborhoods wake up at dawn to greet the Picture of the Virgin , whose passage is announced by barrels pyrotechnic.

Festa della Bruna, Matera

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