Calendario carnevale di verona 2017

Carnevale 2017 in Italia: eventi e feste piu belle a febbraio, da Venezia a Milano

calendario carnevale di verona 2017

Discover with us the calendar of events of the Venice Carnival Schedule in ! will be the official presentation of the Marie of the Carnevale in Venice

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From 16th February to 5th March the Venice Carnival has a lot of surprises ready for you! An unmissable program for one of the most anticipated events of the Venetian calendar! After the success of the last editions, Marco Maccapani , the artistic director of the Carnival of Venice, will continue to promote the area and its traditions to engage and excite the inhabitants of Venice and not just tourists. Are you ready to take part in the amazing program of Venice Carnival ? Take note of the most exciting events and unmissable appointments of this long tradition! Let's start with the Venice Carnival dates 18 days of celebrations with masks, fun and famous masquerades… Venice Carnival in February and March will open the doors of the past and show traditions that have been forgotten.

If you are looking for an alternative to the carnevale crowds in Viareggio and Venice, Verona may hold the ticket. Verona is a city in the northern Italian province of Veneto, often thought of when Romeo and Juliet are mentioned. Gnocchi is made by mixing potatoes and flour, cutting into small squares and then boiling in water. Carnevale Verona Official Website Italian. Lisa M. Bardolino is a municipality northwest of Verona in the Veneto region and located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. Starting yesterday, the town is hosting a 5 day festival dedicated to grapes and wine.

Every carnival Sunday February, March , from 2 p. On the last carnival Sunday there will be the Grand Finale with the traditional testament and the proclamation and award ceremony of the winning parade float. The forecourt of the Rocca will be the setting of the striking bonfire of Tasi , the traditional mask from Cento. The party will conclude with the enthralling pyromusical show that closes the carnival in style. In addition to the captivating parade in Corso Guercino, the public can enjoy the show on the central stage of Piazza Guercino, with wild musical groups and famous guests, but especially with the animated and colourful group of Brazilian dancers and percussionists, to seal the historic twinning with the famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival. In addition to the carnival parade and the show on the stage of Piazza Guercino, the European Carnival of Cento is enriched by side events that offer tourists many attractive cultural alternatives and much more. From sporting to food and wine events, from art to dance, from educational meetings to cultural aperitifs: there will be many ways that tourists can choose to enjoy the holiday weekend and get a taste of what this "pleasure-loving land" can also offer during the year.

We work with several high quality Ateliers who provides rental a wide range of hand-made Carnival Costume and Accessories in precious fabrics. We work with several high quality Ateliers who provides rental a wide range …. Take part to this extraordinary masked ball's adventure along Casanova's love experiences, between amazing forbidden games in a majestic Palace! Mascheranda Grand Ball takes place in the most elegant palace overlooking the Grand Canal, includes international entertainment and dinner. The Official Dinner Show and Ball is not only a dinner, it's an exclusive experience where the pleasures of the food and the party are met.

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A Carnival that will involve the whole city of Cento and that will be dedicated to the arts, crafts and traditions of the city. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information on the event or collateral events. Carnevale di Cento Complete program A Carnival that will involve the whole city of Cento and that will be dedicated to the arts, crafts and traditions of the city. Meet the Carnival Masks, fun and tradition: experience the magic of carnival in Cento. Ticket on line Buy tickets with discounts and promotions online with just a few clicks.


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  1. Eventi Carnevale tutti gli appuntamenti da non perdere in Italia, provincia di Verona e il grande appuntamento alla Venaria Reale di Torino. Da segnare in calendario anche le feste di Carnevale in programma a.

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