Spirito del pianeta 2017 chiuduno

Lo Spirito del Pianeta

spirito del pianeta 2017 chiuduno

May 26, at PM – Jun 8, at PM UTC+ More than a year ago. pin. Via Martiri della Liberta, Chiuduno BG, Italia. Show Map.

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Charlie Allan. Saor Patrol. Scottish Instrumental Band. Scottish Band. Saor Patrol Band. Duncarron Medieval Village.

New chapter in our presentation of different sounds of the Middle East, an exploration we stated few years ago with titles of Ottoman, Turkish, Azerbaijani music. This time the caravan lands in Iran. The music on this CD is a small, specific part of the Persian repertoire called "classic", in particular the repertoire of the so-called Bayat Esfahan. Unlike Western compositions where the writing tends to stifle the creativity of the performer, in the compositions of the Persian masters the freedom of interpretation is possible and highly appreciated as you can testify in this CD that wisely mixes improvisation and compositions. Classical Persian music, as many other musical traditions, is based on the oral transmission from father to son, from master to student. The repertoire representing the identity of classical Persian music as a whole, in teaching, in learning and in performing is called Radif Order.

Lo Spirito del Pianeta 2017

Lo Spirito del Pianeta Festival – Chiuduno

Musica, canti, danze… ma non solo….. Erano presenti anche alcuni ristoranti di cucina etnica Etiope- Kebab- Vegetariano. Inoltre, nel polo fieristico oltre espositori di artigianato provenienti da tutto il mondo hanno esposto e venduto i propri prodotti. Ringraziamo i nostri associati e tutti coloro che ci sono venuti a trovare, in particolare quelli che, dal Piemonte hanno percorso tanta strada, per ascoltare persone che ancora oggi vivono nelle loro tradizioni. Quale dolcezza nel sentirli parlare. Rosa insieme Turisti non a caso. Fiera Tour.

Apache, Arizona - spirito del pianeta 2017


Seventeen days full of music, food and cultural activities to discover the traditions of tribal and native peoples of the world: Native Americans, Inca, Aztecs, Maasai, Aboriginal Australians , and many others. Every day is dedicated to a specific people, that will show the visitors its dances and traditional songs. Besides the shows, a big covered market with over booths selling their products and many restaurants where it is possible to taste ethnic delicacies. In the afternoon, children and grown-ups can take part in labs and group activities held by the members of the tribes. Attach an image:. The editorial staff will evaluate the type of event and its attractiveness and consistency with the site objectives and decide accordingly its release or not.

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  1. I Saor Patrol sono specializzati nel suonare principalmente canzoni che rivendichino l'indipendenza scozzese.

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