Th8 farming base 2017

TH8 War Base & Trophy Farming Base Layouts

th8 farming base 2017

TH8 Farming Base-Hybrid 2017 Anti 3 star-

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Most defensive and resource protective TH8 farming base layouts. Were you searching for it? If yes, you have come to the right place. We know that Town hall 8 is an additive level of Coc where a player collects gold coins, elixirs as well as dark elixirs. Saving these resources, a player must need a strong base design. I hope you would be satisfied by these town hall 8 farming base layouts. Dark elixir saving town hall 8 best base layout.

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The reason is simple — there are so many sources out there that only put together some bases and then leave you with the question which one to actually take instead of making a real review of the base and showing why it works. I will post here bases that I have tried myself and will give you also situations from replays that show how well the bases are working. I have this one here in my mini account and not seen a single 3-Star from another TH8 in about 7 Clan Wars straight, so this is a good sign. Most commonly you will see mass Dragons, Valkyries and GoWiPe attacks against this base and I will now show you how this base defends against them. This base, however, works really well with that and the middle section is like a shield that will force attacking troops to clear one side of the base completely before actually entering the second half — and typically the attacker will go after the side of the Town Hall first to make sure to really get at least the 2-Star. The other side still has a lot of high-hitpoint buildings and the Clan Castle that will deal with a weakened army — the attacker will lose plenty of troops when attacking from the left side so this will become extra hard for him.


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  1. I hope you guys use these new bases to success and can dominate the farming scene no matter what Town Hall you are at.

  2. Here in this post, we are going to have a look at the best town hall th8 farming base new updated in latest.

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