Fiat 500 giannini 2017

Giannini 350 GP is a Fiat 500 on steroids

fiat 500 giannini 2017

Fiat 500 da 350 CV e 154.000 euro: ecco la Giannini 350GP - Parco Valentino 2017

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Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages. To Save cars from your search results or vehicle pages you must first login. To Save a search to find the cars you like quickly you must first login. With the 1. Stuffing a mad engine into mild-mannered cars is always a fun formula to play with, but mix in a complete drivetrain layout swap and some ultra-girthy bodywork additions and the end result is bound to excite. That 1.

The Fiat range is pretty wide with basic, 1. However, Italian aftermarket tuner Giannini has taken this up a notch with a truly insane set of modifications producing the GP4. An evolution of the existing GP, the GP4 is totally overhauled from the standard The engine is taken directly from the Alfa Romeo 4C sports car, which means it's a 1. However, Giannini has tuned it to produce a massive bhp. In a car as small as the , that much power could be seriously difficult to manage, but Giannini has given the GP4 four-wheel-drive to cope with the extra shove. The exterior is radically different to the standard

Giannini creates insane Fiat 500-based 350 GP4

Italian tuner Giannini wants to remind enthusiasts it exists, and what better way to build a brand image than with a horsepower Fiat ? Italian website OmniAuto reports Giannini moved the turbo four from behind the front seats to under the hood, where it normally resides. This frees up space for rear seats, assuming you find passengers brave enough to ride with you.
the sun newspaper page 3

This is a project developed in Italy by Officine Ruggenti in collaboration with Newtron Engineering, which allows turning a classic Fiat into a fully electric car. In this conversion work, the internal combustion engine of the Fiat is replaced by an electric, whose power can not exceed that of the original engine, according to what the Italian laws indicate. Its powers range from 7. The batteries, which are accommodated where the fuel tank was originally built, allow the to offer a range of kilometers with a full charge of 5 hours. The company sells the Fiat fully finished for 23, euros plus taxes, but any other can be processed for a cost of 5, euros plus taxes, to which should be added the cost of the battery pack of additional 6, euros.

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