Ktm 1290 super duke gt 2017

KTM First ride: KTM 1290 Super Duke GT review

ktm 1290 super duke gt 2017

KTM's Super Duke GT gets more power, improved electronics and better suspension. 20Super Duke Review. New TFT.

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The engine is paired with a 6-Speed transmission and total fuel capacity is 6. Front Dual Disc brakes and rear Disc brakes provide stopping power. Close this There's a problem loading this menu right now. Skip to main content. Would you like to sell products for this vehicle on Amazon. Learn how. Read more.

We had to wait until fall to do so, but the upshot is that we were able to do a long-term test of the GT—well, two of them actually. We tested it through the end of the year, racking up 2, miles with regular commuting and daylong test rides, falling under the spell of its generous torque, nimble handling and everyday practicality. In January we swapped our pre-release GT for a production model, and we quickly put 1, miles on it, including a multi-day tour. In terms of differences between the first test bike and the second one, KTM says it made minor changes to the tuning of the WP semi-active suspension, the windscreen is now clear instead of tinted and the kickstand tang is now shorter and stronger. As for the engine heat, cold temperatures during winter testing and multiple layers of riding gear have insulated us from the problem, but we doubt it has gone away. In terms of creature comforts, it has a tall, flat, firm seat, an upright, adjustable handlebar and generous legroom. The small windscreen is easily adjustable with one hand, but raising and lowering it has little effect; airflow is smooth but hits the rider squarely on the upper chest and shoulders.

Please refresh the page and retry. A Gran Turismo machine traditionally blends high performance with long-distance comfort, attracting adjectives such as elegant and refined in the process. By contrast the original Super Duke, launched in , was the ultimate two-wheeled hooligan. And when that bike was complete, its development team realised that the super-naked V-twin had potential to evolve in an even more rider-friendly direction. Hence the Super Duke GT. The new machine follows the same format of dohc, liquid-cooled V-twin engine, tubular steel frame and upright, wide-handlebarred riding position. The broad spread of torque delivers instant acceleration from below 5,rpm.

It was loud, in your face, and couldn't possibly care less what you thought about it. The cc V-twin engine was about as polite as a drunk being thrown out of a pub, and every other quality in a bike that you might consider desirable was cast aside like an unwanted stepchild. Fuel economy? Who cares. Not interested. Never heard of it.

2016 KTM 1290 Super Duke GT review

2016 - 2017 KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

Despite the abysmal riding conditions at the press launch in Majorca, we did make it out of first gear, nobody got a driving ban, and the KTM even managed to change my opinion on sports tourers. And what says sport better than a cc V-twin engine punting out hp and lbft of torque? Not much, is the answer. All that power is well and good in the right place at the right time, but Majorca during a thunderstorm was neither. The roads were verging on dangerous in the wet with little to no grip in some spots. The Pirelli Angel GT tyres fitted to the bike helped massively though, finding grip where there ought to have been none and doing an impressive job of offering feedback. Silver lining and all that

2017 KTM 1290 Super Duke GT Road Test: Road King

I have ridden thousands of bikes and never once shelled out for a testbike, until I rode the Super Duke back in It seems odd to say, but the GT is one of the easiest big bore sport touring bikes to ride slow, thanks to the beautifully mapped ride-by-wire throttle response mitigated by the four individual riding modes. Telling you the GT goes like a bat out of hell with its bum of fire is not saying anything new. From through to rpm, this is where the engine makes the most of its massive capacity. It truly is majestically fast—like the late Nicky Hayden the GT produces devastating speed without looking or feeling out of control. The gearing is such you will rarely see sixth gear on the quickshifter-equipped gearbox unless you like your highway cruising real low in the rev range subrpm or you like to travel at rather illegal speeds. Like all current big bore KTM streetbikes, the GT is laced with a serious array of electronic features—semi-active suspension, traction control, combined cornering ABS from Bosch and Motor Slip Regulation that opens the throttle butterflies ever so slightly to avoid the rear wheel locking up under extreme downshifts—the GT is basically one big algorithm.

When you add a Gran Turismo suffix to the name of a bike, it had better be more than just a streetbike with a set of bags, and it seems that KTM agrees. The new-in Super Duke GT sports the same 1, cc, horsepower plant and much the same chassis as the rest of the family, but the factory boosted the tourability with a set of hard-side panniers and cruise control to go along with a host of comfort- and safety-related features, to include ABS, traction control and more. A hand-adjustable windshield — literally, you push it up and down with your hand — rides above the angular, front-fairing beak that houses the headlight and sets the tone for the rest of the machine. Shoulders built into the tank serve to form a knee pocket as well as a place to hang on to or off of? As for the bags, well, I understand that performance was a front-burner goal for the designers, but the panniers are nearly vestigial for all the practical storage they provide. I would point out that 1 there are factory accessories that can expand your cargo capacity, and 2 at least it has bags. Plus they come with quick-detach hardware so you can quickly strike them for a cleaner, supersport ish look.



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  1. KTM's latest incarnation of its Super Duke is the bhp Super Now the Super Duke GT has arrived to add a touch of Gran.

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