Renato zero arena di verona 2017

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renato zero arena di verona 2017

Get the Renato Zero Setlist of the concert at Arena di Verona, Verona, Italy on September 2, from the Zerovskij - Solo per Amore Tour and.


We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Read More. It will be released on October 26th. Secure your tickets for this breath taking, one night only event now: www. The show features some of the most iconic opera pieces and contemporary performance with an audio-visual extravaganza of pyrotechnics and state of the art, 3D projection mapping directly onto the ice. La Fondazione prosegue poi il suo impegno nei progetti educativi ad Haiti, dove opera da 6 anni.

A versatile musician whose work both as orchestrator and conductor in the most varied musical genres is very appreciated, in confirmation of a vision looking beyond the pointless borders between different fields. His unmistakable musical style is the result of a wise mixture between classical orchestration and modern languages: this is also due to a solid learning. He began his studies in Lucca his hometown ; he attended piano, composition, conducting, organ, electronic music in Florence courses, and he completed his studies in Milan, the city where his professional career started. In its 24 editions so far, the concert featured artists from all over the world, and Renato had a double role as orchestrator and conductor. There are also other concerts and events of great importance, all broadcast by the main networks, including the following:. Amo Tour

From today, March 19, , in all Italian cinemas, the idea of total performance by Renato Zero that takes shape on the show Zerovskij, the tour that the artist has brought around Italy. A tour that has collected sold out at every date, completes the latest update and arrives in cinemas. The intention is to transcend the limits of the simple concert, making it expand through the use of an orchestra and enriching its philosophical purpose. Yet another creative rebirth for an author who has always been a standard-bearer of change lived as an evolution. The arrival in the cinemas probably lies in the purpose of giving the opportunity also to the fans left out of the live shows to be able to watch the latest revival of Zero. Especially from extra-large production costs given the use of such a high number of workers.

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