Piazza navona befana 2017

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piazza navona befana 2017


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Christmas , What to do in Winter. La Befana is the original Italian Santa Clause. Good little boys and girls are rewarded with gifts and candy, but bad little boys and girls instead receive you guessed it black coal. La Befana is a national holiday that celebrates the Roman Catholic Feast of the Epiphany the day the wise men arrived in Bethlehem. Many shops and restaurants will be closed to observe the holiday as well as some of the smaller museums.

The befana looks like a witch but is good, she travels on a broom and, in the night between 5th and 6th January, she is on the go to bring gifts, sweets in particular, to good children. For those less good, however, she only brings coal. If you spend this week in Rome you will take a part to many events of 6 January. But on 6 January in Rome it will really be for everyone: families, adults and children. For the little ones, the Market will offer mountains of sweets.

Climbing down the chimneys, she brings candy to the children that were good and black coal sweet! The children use to leave out their Christmas stockings hoping to awake on the morning of January 6th with some candies. La Befana is one of the most fun festivals throughout the year, no matter whether if you are young or not. Among sweets, music and celebrations, it is certainly a fun feast for everyone. Parade of the Magi : Friday, January 6th participants in ancient costume will escort the Magi to deliver three symbolic gifts to Pope Francis. The march will start at 10 am from the beginning of Via della Conciliazione and will arrive in St. The parade is accompanied by flag bearers, marching bands, horses and a carriages and many Befane.

We love New York, from where we write, and we want to tell it to Italians. We love Italy, and we want to tell it to the world.
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Rain cover for Foro Italico in Rome. Rome's Metro A resumes full service. Rome's Metro B to close at Rome's Botanic Gardens open on Sundays. Summer recipe: Limoncello Sorbet. Medardo Rosso at Palazzo Altemps in Rome. Glen Hansard concert in Rome.

Rain cover for Foro Italico in Rome. Rome's Metro A resumes full service. Rome's Metro B to close at Rome's Botanic Gardens open on Sundays. Summer recipe: Limoncello Sorbet.

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Interior Minister Marco Minniti has instructed all local authorities to step up security in areas expected to be filled with people celebrating the holidays, as well as at attractions that regularly attract crowds., They are dispensed overnight, according to Italian folklore, by the Befana, a broom-riding old hag with a strict naughty-or-nice ethic. To fall on her wrong side was to wake up on Jan.

Controversy over licences for Rome's Christmas market

Ripristinare la tradizione di una festa davvero a misura di bambino, assicurando il decoro e il rispetto del prestigio storico-architettonico che si devono a Piazza Navona. Questi i punti principali contenuti nell' avviso pubblico per la nuova edizione della festa della Befana. Vogliamo che siano autenticamente natalizi e tradizionali, dagli alimenti prodotti con ingredienti certificati agli addobbi artigianali. Le domande possono essere inviate non oltre le 23,59 del prossimo 5 ottobre, e comunque devono pervenire entro le 10 del giorno 9 ottobre In piazza ci saranno come da tradizione la giostra, il teatro dei burattini e il grande presepe artigianale. Per la prima volta entrano nella festa spazi per la dimostrazione di tecnologie innovative, come la stampa digitale, che incuriosiranno piccoli e grandi. Inoltre i vincitori saranno ammessi solo dopo la presentazione di un contratto speciale per la raccolta di rifiuti urbani.






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Rome likes Befana, it welcomes her in piazza Navona, even if she will probably bring just charcoal. Yes, because Piazza Navona is a Baroque square, probably the most beautiful of the city. It is situated on the ancient 19/12/ Piazza.
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  1. Fom the Fountain of the four Rivers to the traditional Befana market: Piazza Piazza Navona can, in fact, be considered the most loved square by Romans.

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