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farming simulator 2017 train

Farming Simulator 17 Tutorial - Woodchips

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Home News Guides Cosplay Games. This is a basic guide to using the train for gathering crops from the field and delivering them to where they are to be stored or sold. Based on Goldcrest Valley. About the Train Each of the two trains is roughly the same, the main difference is that one has two log wagons and the other has only one. Driving the train is mostly like driving any other vehicle, except there's no fuel usage, no steering, slowing down takes a long time, and you can reverse as fast as you drive forward. Despite the appearance of a second driving seat in the cab you can't reverse the driving direction, so setting the cruise control will always take you in the engine-forward direction.

Beitrag von Mr. Zum Inhalt. Abmelden Registrieren. How to unload grain from trains. Seite 1 von 1. We put the grain in the wrong train that doesn't go to the selling point and now can't get our grain back out of the train. Nach oben.

Trains are used to quickly transport large amounts of produce across the map. To help you load the trains with harvested wood, there are two areas equipped with heavy duty cranes, which can be manually used to pick up and place the logs onto the carriages. The train is available just like any other vehicle, although it will not cost you a maintenance fee. In the North American Goldcrest Valley map, there are two train lines that you can make use of. Trains can be driven manually on these tracks, both forwards and backwards. You can also use trains for storage of your grown crops.

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Farming Simulator 17 - Basic Training: Using the Train to Gather Grain

Farming Simulator 17 Tutorial - Train System

Farming Simulator 17: new method of transportation – Trains


Is it just me or is the train useless. i understand it adds to the environment, its eye kinda, and i coan understand some people like it it. But what.
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  1. This a reskin train I downloaded from another site and I reskinned it to a different American train, Union Pacific You need to open the farming simulator game folder and replace the train fill in the vehicles file and replace or remove the train file and replace with this one.

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