Premio alto rendimento 2017

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premio alto rendimento 2017

AcomeA SGR vince il Premio Alto Rendimento 2016


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Through the constant involvement in both academic and industrial conferences we aim at enabling continuous improvement which is then embodied in our technologies and our consulting services. Hydrothermal carbonization HTC is a promising technology to convert biogenic residues agricultural residues, industrial and municipal wastes to innovative material, energy, or environmental products. Its chemistry offers a huge potential to tune and control the product properties on demand and produce designer carbon materials for a variety of applications from environmental sorbents, innovative energy storage, to soil amendments. The liquid phase obtained during hydrothermal treatment contains a valuable source of chemicals, carbon quantum dots or can be upgraded to fuel precursors. This symposium will review recent developments, driven by both fundamental research and applied technology. Researchers from diverse disciplines ranging from chemists, material and chemical engineers, to agricultural and soil scientists are invited to submit papers. Companies in solid waste, wastewater treatment, as well as those in the agricultural and energy industries with feasibility studies or full-scale technological applications are also invited to present their experiences.

The threat of expanding US trade wars has been undermining the climate of trust. In addition, the slowdown recorded in the second quarter, following a first quarter that had been favoured by temporary factors, has been generating concerns about European economic prospects. Although the bond markets may appear to be overly pessimistic on the outlook, central banks are in any case getting ready to respond to possible unexpected negative developments. We are pleased to inform you that the Shareholders' Meeting of Banca del Sempione SA today approved the results for the financial year for the parent company and the Group consolidated financial statements. The digital version of the financial statements is available in the Publications section of this website.

REturn was established in by Mr. Enrico Signori in partnership with Mr. Umberto Borghesi as an independent investment , asset management and advisory firm that invests directly or in partnership with third parties investors. REturn achieves interesting risk-adjusted returns mainly through the acquisition of assets that are performing, sub-performing or non-performing targeting a diverse range of opportunities across all areas of real estate , including both debt and equity products. REturn has been so far focusing on distressed assets, uncompleted projects and buildings to be heavily refurbished , therefore exploiting the best opportunities that arise from the current Italian real estate market. REturn invests directly or in partnership with third parties , in the Italian real estate sector providing full-process management for special purpose investment vehicle.

Finint Investments SGR is the first Italian Company that has been authorized to set up alternative real estate funds and it has been the first company to launch one. The business of Finint Investments SGR is mainly based on three pillars: The creation of mutual funds reserved to professional customers; The financial solicitation of innovative mutual funds, also in the field of real estate, to provide our customers with satisfy business opportunities; Overall management of investment portfolios on behalf of institutional investors, thanks to the expertise of our team supported by a qualified and professional pool of technical and legal advisors. It is the first Italian asset manager authorized to set up real estate funds, including hedge funds ones. Launch of Giudecca, an alternative closed-end real estate fund that reserved for qualified investors. In Italy, Giudecca is the first real estate hedge fund.


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