Espn body issue 2017

2017 ESPN Body Issue

espn body issue 2017

A.J. Andrews' Muscles Make Her Who She Is In The 2017 Body Issue - ESPN

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ESPN released behind-the-scenes photos from the ninth Body Issue is out, featuring 23 elite athletes all together in the altogether. The Body Issue is now on newsstands. It's a quick, no-nonsense way to get protein into your body. But that doesn't mean everyone needs it. A new company in Oakland has updated a traditional Japanese workwear piece with a more modern, American fit. Sign up for InsideHook to get our best content delivered to your inbox every weekday. And awesome.

Note: Athletes listed in alphabetical order. A post shared by A. Every body has a story and not one body is the same! There will always be ways that "society" says your body should look, but self love is the best love and every single body is unique and beautiful in its own way! She is my biggest inspiration.

Year-round for the past 10 years, photo editors in Bristol have dedicated themselves to creating something unique and powerful, to showcase the bodies and personalities of the best athletes in the world. In , 16 athletes were photographed. It took crew members on set to pull it off. The photo shoots spanned the entire country and required months of preparation. From lighting to set design, locations to logistics, there are so many variables in making The Body Issue. Here are the things you didn't know about the photos we look forward to every year and the ones we certainly will never forget.

PHOTOS: List of ESPN Body Issue 2017 Pictures Released So Far

ESPN Body Issue 2017 | Naked Athlete Photos

The logotype is designed for use in both print and digital, with ten variations depending on context. One of the challenges was to use technology to elevate the experience of print, improve on it, and make it more intriguing wherever possible. The Body Issue is full of spectacular athlete photos, and the mobile-first design allows for a lot of playful interactions with them. One of the challenges was to keep the branding present, but subtle enough to let the photography really stand out. An intuitive and non-invasive UI allows the photography to take center stage.

Looking back on 10 years of ESPN the Magazine's Body Issue - SC Featured - ESPN



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