Convert mp4 to windows media player format

MP4 to WMV

convert mp4 to windows media player format

Do you want to convert a MP4 file to a WMV file? Select WMV as the the format you want to convert your MP4 file to. Microsoft Windows Media Player.

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Or sometimes you may need to convert the MP4 video to MP3 audio format to improve your music library. As a result, a common task that arises for the end-user is to convert MP4 to MP3. Download Windows Media Player to your computer if you don't already have it installed. And Windows Media Player can be downloaded for free at the Microsoft website. Double-click the MP4 file and it automatically begins playing in Media Player. A copy of the MP4 file saves into the folder you selected as an MP3 file.

It says these files are not supported by WMP. You may have got lots of videos and movies in MP4 format since MP4 is almost the most popular video format that can be played on various multimedia devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, PSP and more. MP4 is a container format which may include multiple video and audio streams. If the video or audio streams are encoded by codecs that is not supported by WMP, the player won't play the MP4 file either. However, sometimes even we have appropriate codec installed, Windows Media Player still cannot play some MP4 files.

Unlimited video downloading and converting to WMV. Windows Media Audio Format. Waveform Audio Format. Free Lossless Audio Codec. Advanced Audio Coding.

How to Convert MP4 to WMV Easily and Quickly on Mac/Windows (Windows 10 Included


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