Congressi medici 2017 bari

Curriculum Dr. Reinhard Prior

congressi medici 2017 bari

19.9.2016 Bari, convegno dell'ordine dei medici

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Programs of Medical Continuing Education M. In the context of Medical Continuing Education M. Rational Omikron Italia is a Pharmaceutical Company specialized in Vascular and Ophthalmic areas, and always involved in the research and development of new therapeutic tools. Furthermore, Omikron Italia is interested in scientific education of Physicians and is actively involved in supporting training activities for healthcare professionals General Practitioners, Specialists, etc with the aim to keep them updated on diagnostic and therapeutic innovations on latest EBM Evidence-Based Medicine. Omikron Italia , within its educational project Vascular and Ophthalmic also supports, in cooperation with IRCCS Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care and specialized Scientific Societies, a range of initiatives targeted to physicians training and updating. Giovanni Mosti.

An experienced PCO is fully competent in taking care of catering, global hotel booking, transportation tasks and social events for international, national and local conventions and meetings. The accreditation of a provider is the recognition by a public institution National Commission for Continuing Education or regions or autonomous provinces directly or through bodies they have identified that a person is active and qualified in the field of continuing education in health and therefore is qualified to carry out training activities recognized as fit for ECM identifying and attributing direct loans to participants. September 24, In sala operatoria con la S. October 15,

He has always worked in the health sector, but in different roles: advisor, private and public manager, professor. His professional interests are public health, health communication, healthcare management, network and pathway designing, e-Health, and care intelligence. Since December he has been Chief Executive Officer of AReSS Agenzia Regionale Strategica per la Salute e il Sociale Puglia , the Apulia government agency for strategic planning in health and social policies and for exploration in healthcare processes and technology. In this role he has designed and developed four clinical networks cancer, stroke, heart and trauma , implemented three value-based labs for Apulian Health System lean healthcare, activity-based funding, integrated clinical pathways and started the regional project for chronic care Care Puglia 3. The main result of this appointment was the whole re-engineering of regional hospital network -

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