Lo strappo nel cielo di carta

Pirandello in English

lo strappo nel cielo di carta

Lo strappo nel cielo di carta (the Truman Show)


Il che ovviamente non indica che tutte le chiavi di lettura siano corrette o abbiano lo stesso valore, quanto il fatto che invece lo spettatore si senta parte attiva in grado di reggere una conversazione, anche se talvolta con un interlocutore straniante, imbarazzante o inaspettatamente di sostanza. Proprio quel vuoto metafisico e il successivo accadimento hanno una perfetta trasposizione in campo musicale nel procedimento, tipicamente beethoveniano [7] , di far seguire un pianissimo ad un lungo ed intenso crescendo. Daniele Capra A work of art, therefore, is a complete and closed form in its uniqueness as a balanced organic whole, while at the same time constituting an open product on account of its susceptibility to countless different interpretations which do not impinge on its unadulterable specificity. Hence, every reception of a work of art is both an interpretation and a performance of it, because in every reception the work takes on a fresh perspective for itself. Or, to borrow from the theories of mathematics, we could say that the work is the set of input values the domain of all those elements that find their home in the spectator the codomain. The function the rule that permits each element of the first set to correspond with one in the target set is principally fruit of the labor of the language and the medium used. The inverse function i.

Mono no aware For 4 percussionists. Winning project of the open call "Della morte e del morire" IT. First performance: Lucca, Publisher: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni. Ad sidera vultus For Large Ensemble.

Typical for Pirandello is to show how art or illusion mixes with reality and how people see things in very different way words are unrealiable and reality is at the same time true and false. A man will die, a writer, the instrument of creation: but what he has created will never die! Who was Sancho Panza? Who was Prospero? But they will live for ever because living seeds they had the luck to find a fruitful soil, an imagination which knew how to grow them and feed them, so that they will live for ever. Luigi Pirandello was born in Caos, near Girgenti, on the island of Sicily, which was to be the inspiration of his writings.

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