Alexandra stan beat up

Romanian singer Alexandra Stan alleges manager-boyfriend beat her up after money dispute

alexandra stan beat up

Alexandra Stan beaten by manager !!!!

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Romanian singer Alexandra Stan, who became known to international audiences with songs like Mr. Saxobeat and Lollipop, says she was beaten by her manager after an argument about the artist. Omg, poor girl! I love Alexandra Stan! I'm not gonna lie, when I saw the music video for "Lollipop", something told me this was gonna happen. Or something along these lines. It was obvious that she was more talented than that porno music video, but obviously her management wanted her to gain attention quicker.

Romanian singer Alexandra Stan, who became known to international audiences with songs like Mr. The year old singer, who made her debut several years ago, accuses her manager Marcel Prodan, who is also her boyfriend, of having beaten her up, and revealed that she has suffered abusive treatment over the last year, according to Romanian tabloid Cancan. Prodan discovered her and helped her achieve success. The singer spoke to the media, which published pictures of her bruised and swollen face and eyes. She is recovering. More info to come. However, the artist says this was all a lie to cover the beating she received over last weekend, when they were in Constanta.

Alexandra Stan is one of the Romanian singers who became known her and beat her on June 14 and 15 to make her to give up on the.
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Alexandra Ioana Stan born 10 June is a Romanian singer and songwriter. Saxobeat ", which was written and produced by Marcel Prodan and Andrei Nemirschi. They discovered Stan at a karaoke bar in and offered her a contract with their label Maan Records. Saxobeat" followed the singer's debut recording, " Lollipop Param Pam Pam " , which brought her fame in her native country. Saxobeat" quickly achieved commercial success in Romania and abroad, reaching number one in several countries. Saxobeats , her debut studio album, was released in August and features the follow-up single " Get Back ASAP " , which together with " Lemonade " was a moderate hit in Europe. An alleged altercation with Prodan in delayed the release of Stan's second album Unlocked , which was eventually premiered in August

No laughing matter when it comes to abuse in the home. This all too typical scenario in the Eastern European nations is just surfacing now? Being born and raised in Romania until the age of 11, I always heard about spousal abuse almost daily. The reason why women were too afraid of speaking up against their husband, and even when no reason was given. Fortunately, I never had to experience that from my parents.

Police spokesman Gelu Manolescu told The Associated Press that police picked up Stan from a roadside where she was arguing with Prodan and took the bruised year-old singer to a hospital Saturday where she was treated and released. Television interviews with the diminutive singer who had black eyes and bruises on her body were broadcast on national channels, shocking many Romanians and sparking discussions on radio and television about domestic violence. Attempts to reach Prodan by email and telephone were not immediately successful. Stan went public with her claims this week after a message was posted on her Facebook account saying she would cancel concerts because she had had a traffic accident. Some Romanians expressed pity for the singer, though some wondered whether it all could be a publicity stunt. But what can she do if that is her fate?

Romanian Singer, Alexandra Stan Get Beat Up

Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat Live @ Starfloor 2011


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  1. Romanian singer Alexandra Stan, who became known to international of having beaten her up, and revealed that she has suffered abusive.

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