Harmony of hardcore 2017

Harmony Of Hardcore 2017

harmony of hardcore 2017

Harmony of Hardcore 2018 - Official end show

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Whereas Harmony of Hardcore with its dark colours attracts real hardcore fans from all over Europe, 7th Sunday exudes mainly cheerfulness with sponsored stages and Top 40 music. Even though the festivals are different, they take place with a few hours in between, at the same location. Yet there is an important agreement. A record in ticket sales! Both festivals were sold out prematurely, with a record number of tickets sold. This year, the festivals were visited by no less than 75, people.

Your rating:. Buy your Hardstyle. To bundles. Sign up and get all the latest updates! Sign up. Connect with us. Doom of Humanity Edit Thorax.

Doom of Humanity - Thorax 2. Inspirational Message - Restrained feat. Mental Disorder 5. Rock The Show - Re-Style 6. Tha Watcher 9. Towards The Sun - Re-Style

Harmony of Hardcore Re-Style , The Sickest Squad Total duration: 4 h 58 min. Continuous Mix by Re-Style. Continuous Mix by The Sickest Squad.

Harmony Of Hardcore 2019

Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason., Earlier today Saturday , over 25, Hardcore-heads gathered for the eminent and sold-out edition of Harmony Of Hardcore.

Harmony Of Hardcore Tracklists Overview

Sign Out. Sign In. Try It Now. Continuous Mix by the Sickest Squad. The Sickest Squad. Doom of Humanity Edit.

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