Kristen stewart light brown hair

How to Choose the Right Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone

kristen stewart light brown hair

Kristin Stewart Chops Hair Off!! Breaking Hair News!

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When it comes down to it, at the heart of beauty is skin tone. It informs almost every makeup, hair and even wardrobe decision we make, whether it's choosing a foundation, an outfit—or maybe the most importantly, a shade of hair dye. Unfortunately, figuring out how to flatter your skin tone is also confusing. The usual advice is to find out whether you are warm- or or cool-toned, and then to stick to that same colour family in everything. I asked Toronto-based celebrity hairstylist, expert colourist and fellow Beauty Editor contributor Tony Chaar to share his thoughts on the whole "warm versus cool" thing, and what it means for our hair colour choices. He's shared his secrets with us, and guys—they're seriously good.

All your favorite blondes went brunette for Sun. Immediately after Emilia Clarke showed up to the red carpet with a darker bob, Charlize Theron debuted brown hair at the Oscars , too. Once you see the Mad Max actor's latest look, you might even forget she used to be blonde.
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Kristen Stewart is one of those elusive beauty chameleons who genuinely can do no wrong. She looks cool and effortless whether her hair is cropped short, grown long, or swept to the side in an in-between length that should be awkward but somehow isn't. Over the years, she's tried it all, vacillating between an etherial white-blonde to punky roots and back to brunette on a whirlwind beauty roller-coaster we refuse to get off. In June, Stewart wore her cut super short with slightly longer sideburns. March was the month K.

The actress returned to her natural dark hair color. A number of celebrities who went blonde over the summer are now suddenly having some second thoughts. First Kylie Jenner , who has made no bones about her love of every colored wig under the rainbow , is starting to regret dyeing her real hair platinum , asking her fans if she should go back to brown. In the shot, Stewart shows off her freshly dyed dark brown hair throwing a peace sign up to the camera while wearing a black lace camisole with a white silk skirt and a silver lock necklace prior to her appearance on The Ellen Show. Love my boo. Besides, if Stewart does ever decide she wants to change up her look down the line, we know a walk-in wig closet in Calabasas that would love to have her.

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  1. After dyeing her hair strawberry blonde this summer for her role in On The Road , Kristen Stewart has gone to the dark side, returning to a brown hair color.

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