Coldplay miracles someone special traduzione

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coldplay miracles someone special traduzione

Leggi il testo completo Miracles (Someone Special) di Coldplay feat. Big Sean tratto dall'album Kaleidoscope. Cosa aspetti? Entra e non perderti neanche una.


Testo Miracles Someone Special powered by Musixmatch. Home Coldplay feat. Miracles Someone Special testo. Guarda il video Miracles Someone Special. Traduzione Miracles Someone Special. My father said, "never give up, son" Just look how good Cassius become Muhammad, Mahatma and Nelson Not scared to be strong Man, what if they say I'm no good What if they say, "get out of here kid, you got no future" Now you could run and just say they're right No, I'll never be no one in my whole life Or you could turn and say "no wait, they're wrong" And get to keep on dancing all life long My father said, "never give up son" Just look what Amelia and Joan done Oh Rosa, Teresa, their war won Not scared to be strong Now you could run and just say they're right No, I'll never be no one in my whole life Or you could turn and say "no wait, they're wrong" And get to keep on dancing all life long Yeah, you could be Someone special You've got bright in your brains and lightning in your veins You'll go higher than they've ever gone In you I see Someone special You've got fire in your eyes and When you realize, you'll go further than we've ever gone Look Just turn it on.

La band di Jimmy Page e Robert Plant ha annunciato sui social la speciale linea di scarpe con i loghi e le immagini del gruppo Con un post sui social i Led Zeppelin hanno annunciato una linea di scarpe creata in collaborazione con Vans! Scarpe, cappellini e felpe. Sono questi i primi articoli resi noti della collaborazione tra il noto marchio di scarpe e abbigliamento e la band di Jimmy Page e Robert Plant. I temi che possiamo osservare riguardano soprattutto le immagini iconiche del primo album "Led Zeppelin I" del e i quattro simboli caratteristici della band, comparsi per la prima volta nello sleeve di "Led Zeppelin IV" nel Pensiamo che anche lei avrebbe voluto questo.

Esso inizia con i componenti del gruppo intenti a scrivere sullo schermo alcune parole tratte dal testo del brano. A partire dal ritornello, la telecamera ruota in cerchio allineandosi sempre al testo che dice " They are turning my head out ", mentre il gruppo esegue il brano.
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Chiudendo questo banner, scorrendo questa pagina o proseguendo la navigazione acconsenti all'uso dei cookie. Sapobully Senza pensieri feat. J Pickup Acquagym feat. Testi Coldplay Amazing Day Testo. A Head Full Of Dreams Video Accordi Ascolta. We sat on a roof, named every star Shared every bruise and showed every scar Hope has its proof, your hand in mine, saying "Life has a beautiful, crazy design" And time seemed to say "Forget the world and its weight" Here I just want to stay Amazing day, amazing day We sat on a roof, named every star You showed me a place where you can be who you are And the view, the whole Milky Way In your eyes I drifted away And in your arms I just want to sway Amazing day, amazing day Amazing day, amazing day Oh oh oh

Coldplay Big Sean Miracles Someone Special Official Lyric Video - mp3

Miracles (Someone Special) - Coldplay & Big Sean (Nosha Remix)

Coldplay & Big Sean - Miracles (Someone Special) - Official Lyric Video


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  1. Miracles (Someone Special) testo canzone cantato da Coldplay: My father said: never give up son Traduzione di Miracles (Someone Special) bandiera italia.

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