Master cultural economics and cultural entrepreneurship

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master cultural economics and cultural entrepreneurship

Cultural Entrepreneurship (process, behavior and awareness) - Marilena Vecco - Coneeect Lisbon

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Uncover the business of culture: get the art facts. How to tell the worth of an oeuvre? Who decides? How do cultural entrepreneurs operate in the culture market? It's all about cultural economics.

On 21 September , a group of cultural economists from all ages joined for the year anniversary of the first MA Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship program to celebrate, to reflect on what is accomplished, and to look ahead. It started with a cohort of 8 in the academic year and has grown to welcome nearly 60 MA students in the academic year. The program was the first international master program in English in the faculty of History, Culture and Communication under the umbrella of an appointed chair in Cultural Economics, Arjo Klamer , in the mid s. Ruth Towse joined the team in the late s as Lecturer in Creative Industries, as first international staff, to help set up the program and to design economic courses applied to culture. She has advocated for ensuring the economics part of cultural economics remains as relevant as the cultural side of it.

This holds for creators as well as for those who are involved with art and culture behind the scenes. Do you want to develop new and well-founded ideas on how to produce, sustain and disseminate creative works? Do you want to distinguish yourself as a leading thinker at the crossroads between art and economics? Do you want to make better decisions for your own career in arts and culture? In this top-ranked programme, you will acquire a solid background in cultural economics and research methods. You will learn about the latest developments in economic thought related to art markets and creative industries, and you deal with cutting-edge approaches to cultural entrepreneurship.

The cultural and creative sectors face constant challenges. Our students acquire the knowledge and skills to identify and and overcome them. The specific approach of this Master that dives into Cultural economics and entrepreneurship has various advantages. Starting in International The deadline is applicable to students from outside the European Economic Area who want to study within the EEA, or to students who want to study outside the EEA but are not nationals of that country. The test has four sections reading, listening, speaking, and writing , each with a score range of , for a total score range of It accurately measures how well you can listen, read and write in English while performing academic tasks.

Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship, Master

Yesterday was the first day proper of my Master year here in Rotterdam. Last year I successfully completed the Pre Master course which gave me a grounding in economics, social science research and statistics, amongst other things. Now the real work starts.

Master in Arts and Culture Studies with a specialisation in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship

Master in Arts Management and Administration. Master Cultural Economics and Cultural Entrepreneurship. MA in Heritage Management. Master 2 Management des Organisations Culturelles. HEC Paris.





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