Nexus 1000v compatibility matrix

Comparing vSphere Distributed Switch and Cisco Nexus 1000v switch

nexus 1000v compatibility matrix

Cisco Nexus 1000v Install and Configure within VMware vSphere 5.1 - Part 2

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Upgrade the software and firmware on the Converged System and on the AMP in the order listed in the following table. Use the documentation available at support. Software: Flexnet. See Data Domain Upgrade Guide. If the lockdown status is enabled, disable it before upgrading and enable it after upgrading. VMware vSphere 6. VIM components:.

One of the topics that comes up on a regular basis is the integration of the Nexus v in the Vblock Platform with the constraints of VMware's vCloud Director integration. VMware has released a patch known as vCloud Director 1. The first test was to try and validate vCloud Director 1. The VCE 2. The Certification Matrix is a very valuable piece to customers because it validates the software and firmware levels of all the components in a Vblock to guarantee integration and compatibility so the customer doesn't have to assume the risk of testing upgrades and releases, which can be a time consuming task for many environments. Our test used ESXi build and vCenter

The Cisco Nexus V is compatible with any upstream physical access layer switch that is Ethernet standard compliant, including Catalyst series switches Cisco Nexus switches, and switches from other network vendors. No action is required by the server administrator. Americas Headquarters: Cisco Systems, Inc. This document includes instructions for installing VEM software only. This solution off loads the configuration of the virtual switch and port groups to the network administrator to enforce a consistent datacenter network policy.

Cisco Nexus 1000v & VMware vSphere Compatibility Matrix

To improve customer support for Cisco Nexus V , Cisco now only updates the support matrix for major and minor releases from VMware. - VMware is announcing discontinuation of its third party virtual switch vSwitch program, and plans to deprecate the VMware vSphere APIs used by third party switches in the release following vSphere 6. Subsequent vSphere versions will have the third party vSwitch APIs completely removed and third party vSwitches will no longer work.

Nexus 1000v Installation Part1 - vCenter Installation


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  1. Cisco Nexus V Switch for VMware vSphere, Release 5.x. Cisco Nexus V and VMware Compatibility Information, Release (1)SV3() Cisco Nexus V and VMware Compatibility Information, Release (1)SV3().

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