Jade druid frozen throne

Hearthstone Jade Druid Guide: Knights Of The Frozen Throne Edition

jade druid frozen throne

Hearthstone: Kolento is back with some jade druid!

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Now that Knights Of The Frozen Throne has finally been let out its tomb, players have been coming up with new and interesting ways to use the cards in their collection. Priest seems to be all over the ladder, with Death Knight Anduin and Raza The Unchained allowing for nearly infinite loops of damage. The Knights Of The Frozen Throne meta is all out of whack right now, but there are a few strengths a deck needs to have in order to stand a chance at victory. Only having two cards in your hand can seem like a game losing catastrophe, but if one of those is this Epic spell, your whole hand fills up in no time. Nothing hurts more than bad calculations that force you to overdraw your last Jade Idol. Against slower match-ups, like Priest, the card is dead most of the time, but having it around is totally worth the few dead draws. Tell us in the comments.

Choose an opponent class to see suggested mulligans. Jade Idol, with one of its "Choose One" effects to be "Shuffle 3 copies of this card into your deck," allows Jade Druid to summon infinite Jade Golems in one game and avoid any fatigue damage, and single-handedly establishes an extreme advantage against slow control decks like Control Warrior. Although Blizzard tries to address this problem by printing the neutral tech card Skulking Geist, Druid's new spells Spreading Plague and Ultimate Infestation have greatly improved this deck's resistance on board pressure and cycling speed, making Jade Druid the absolute top deck in Knights of the Frozen Throne. Jade Druid remains as one of the strongest decks in this meta, although it is indeed underperforming due to unfavorable matchups against most top decks except Priest. Tempo Rogue and the other two Druid archetypes have been pushing down Jade Druid's rank for weeks. More importantly, Jade Druid is a fully-developed deck with only a few slots for tech substitutions, leaving it not much potential to rise back.

If you've played, watched or read any amount of Hearthstone since the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne, then you will have noticed a troubling, green menace, threatening to consume the game. On August 24th, Jeff Clark , co-host of the Coin Concede podcast and member of the Gosu Crew , noted the following about his recent Ladder experience:. After digesting an ungodly amount of all things Hearthstone over the past couple weeks in the wake of KFT's release, I've seen the same sentiment echoed many times. Druid has always been one of Hearthstone's more popular classes, but the current mania for Malfurion in all forms is something else entirely. Why is Druid so pervasive and oppressive now? The answer is fairly simple: Spreading Plague and Ultimate Infestation.

Breaking news: Hearthstone: Saviors of Uldum guide. John is Metabomb's Editor in Chief, and is responsible for all of the Hearthstone news, features and guides content on the site. Our Budget Jade Druid deck guide features a cheap deck list for Season 41, with strategy advice and combo tips. Jade Druid is fast proving to be one of the most important decks in the Frozen Throne meta, but if you're worried about being left out of the fun due to a shortage of funds or cards, we've got a cheap version of the deck that you can play on a budget. The most expensive cards in this version of the deck are the pair of Arcane Giant s.

Jade Druid: A Deckbuilding Journey

Post a Comment. As the name implies, Druid Jade is a deck that relies on the Jade Golem mechanism as a win condition., The Jade Druid deck has been around for a while, but with the nerfs to Quest Rogue and additional cards in the latest set, it has become a deck practically without peers. For example, Spreading Plague gives the control deck, Jade Druid, good matchups against both midrange and aggressive decks.

Hearthstone Decklist Guide: Jade Druid (Frozen Throne Standard)

It's been almost 48 hours since the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne and Hearthstone players worldwide have been hard at work solving the meta and trying to figure out which deck will be able to break the ice. After more than 1,, Ranked Standard games , over , Arena games and , Ranked Wild games it's time to take a look who is currently sitting on the throne and who is still trying to find their footing. Druid and Paladin seem to be pulling out in front to an early lead with several new variations on Jade Druid where Ultimate Infestation seems to live up to its expected power level and late game heavy Murloc Paladin decks. The by far most popular deck this time around is J4CKIE's Deathknight Warlock , though the decks performance appears to be drastically dropping when approaching the single digit ranks. Click any of the classes below to see the other high performing decks for that class. Paladin and Rogue appear to be the driving forces in the Arena.

Jade Idol does have a counter and it was an auto include for any deck that could fit of them before jade left standard. Skulking Geist says hi. And yet, during Knights of the Frozen Throne, the expansion where Skulking Geist was released, Jade Druid actually became more dominant, not less. Historically, tech cards have rarely had much of an effect on the meta. Very few meta decks have had a gameplan that can be shut down just by negating one card from their deck. There were plenty of cards that countered it such as 2 priest cards that were staples: DK Anduin and PS.

Hearthstone: Control masterpiece (jade druid)


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  1. New additions Spreading Plague and Ultimate Infestation return this archetype to the top of the format.

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