Weather report black market

Weather Report

weather report black market

Weather Report-Black Market

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Release Date: Tracklist. Album Rating: 4. Excellent work as always Hernan have a pos, will read at night. I dont know him, but I'll look into him. I rather like nu-Jazz despite what most Jazz fans think of it.

Black Market is an instrumental jazz fusion album released by Weather Report in This album was produced by Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter. It was recorded in December and released in April through Columbia Records. Columbia released it again as a digitally remastered CD in This is Weather Report's seventh overall album and the first with the bass player Jaco Pastorius who features on two tracks. The album draws heavily from African influences and its style could be described as "world fusion".

Black Market 2. Cannon Ball 3. Gibraltar 4. Elegant People 5. Three Clowns 6.

Besides the revolving door of bass, Weather Report always had a helluva time maintaining a steady drummer. Ex-Zappa sideman Chester Thompson was as fine a choice as any for the couple of years he served, and this disc shows just how suited his approach was to the Report's overall sound. The second track, however, features the almost equally fluid Narada Michael Walden instead, and the title track features both of the drummers in turn. Their technical prowess and bare restraint help propel the insistent groove, one of the band's most memorable works. The long fade-in is kind of annoying, but once the tune arrives it grabs onto your frontal lobe and won't let go. Johnson's snaky, sweaty bass groove is another highlight of the song, and it points toward the more prominent role that Pastorius would soon demand for the bass.

The Weather Report Black Market 180g LP

Weather Report - Black Market (1976) (Full Album)


It is interesting to hear Pastorius expanding the bass role only incrementally over what the more funk-oriented Johnson was doing at this early point -- that is, until "Barbary Coast," where suddenly Jaco leaps athletically forward into the spotlight. Joe Zawinul or just Zawinul , as he preferred to be billed -- contributed all of side one's compositions, mostly Third World-flavored workouts except for "Cannon Ball," a touching tribute to his ex-boss Cannonball Adderley who had died the year before. Shorter , Pastorius , and Johnson split the remainder of the tracks, with Shorter now set in a long-limbed compositional mode for electric bands that would serve him into the s. While it goes without saying that most Weather Report albums are transition albums, this diverse record is even more transient than most, paving the way for WR 's most popular period while retaining the old sense of adventure. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.







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  1. Black Market is an instrumental jazz fusion album released by Weather Report in This album was produced by Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter.

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