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die hard 4 wikipedia

Live Free or Die Hard is a American action thriller film and the fourth installment in the Die .. (); "Cold Cuts" (); "Break a Neck" (); "Farrell Is In" (); "The F" (); "Aftermath" (); "Live Free or Die Hard" ().

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Die Hard 2 [Note 1] is a American action thriller film and the second installment in the Die Hard film series. The film was released on July 4, in the United States. The screenplay was adapted from Walter Wager 's novel 58 Minutes. The novel has the same plot but differs slightly: a cop must stop terrorists who take an airport hostage while his daughter's plane circles overhead, and has 58 minutes to do so before the plane crashes. Roderick Thorp , who wrote the novel Nothing Lasts Forever , upon which Die Hard was based, receives credit for creating "certain original characters", although his name is misspelled onscreen as "Roderick Thorpe".

He is soon caught in the crossfire of a global terrorist plot. Talks of a fifth Die Hard film began before the release of the fourth installment, Live Free or Die Hard , with Willis affirming that the latter would not be the last in the series, but pre-production did not start until September , when John Moore was officially announced as the director. Filming began in April , primarily in Budapest , Hungary. A Good Day to Die Hard was a box office success but received overwhelmingly negative reviews for its implausible action sequences, cinematography, weak plot, cliched screenplay, and lack of characterization, although the special effects were praised. It is the first film produced by TSG Entertainment , since distributor 20th Century Fox 's departure from Dune Entertainment upon the completion of their distribution contract at the end of

Die Hard with a Vengeance is a American action thriller film and the third in the Die Hard film series. It was released on May 19, , five years after Die Hard 2 , becoming the 2nd highest grossing film of the year behind Toy Story. It received mixed reviews. In New York City , five years after the events of Die Hard 2 , the Bonwit Teller department store is destroyed by a bomb during the morning commute. John McClane be dropped in Harlem wearing only his underwear and a sandwich board with "I Hate Niggers" written on it, and threatening to detonate another bomb if they do not comply.

John McClane, Sr. He is portrayed by Bruce Willis. He also briefly worked for the Los Angeles Police Department. He has been a police officer since He is separated from his wife, Holly Gennero McClane , who is using her maiden name. Holly moved to Los Angeles several months earlier to pursue a career that John ultimately thought would fail, leading to their separation. Together, they have two children, Lucy and John Jr.

The movie starts with John McClane trying to talk to his daughter Lucy. He pulls her boyfriend out of the car. An angry Lucy goes up to her apartment. Afterwards, the police call McClane and ask him to pick up a kid named Matt Farrell. However, when McClane goes down there, mercenaries attack the two. McClane manages to fight them off and gets Farrell into the car.

A Good Day to Die Hard

In the film, McClane attempts to stop cyber-terrorists who hack into government and commercial computers across the United States with the goal of starting a " fire sale " that would disable key elements of the nation's infrastructure. McClane arrives at Farrell's residence just in time to save Farrell from assassins.


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