Playerunknowns battlegrounds weapon chart

PUBG guns & weapons [Update 4.1]: PUBG gun stats, best weapons in Season 4

playerunknowns battlegrounds weapon chart

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Best Weapons Stats, Attachments and Loadouts. Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles In This PUBG Gun Tier List.

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The ever-expanding and ever-changing roster of PUBG guns and other weapons takes a staggering amount of time to truly master, with every single gun bringing to the table a unique set of behaviours, stats, spray patterns, and other quirks. An understanding of the PUBG guns and how they all differ in terms of handling, damage, bullet velocity and so on is often the deciding factor in whether you survive the upcoming encounters. What equipment do my teammates possess? How far into the match am I? Where might the final circle appear? All these questions should inform your playstyle and the decisions you make. Replacing the Vector on Vikendi, and coinciding with the changes to the Vector with Update 27 , the MP5K trades some overall DPS for a higher damage-per-shot, an Assault Rifle-sized magazine, very low recoil, and the ability to augment it with up to six attachments at once.

PUBG guns come in all shapes and sizes, and you're going to need to get your hands on the best weapons as quickly as possible if you want to survive. In this complete guide to the best PUBG guns , we'll be providing you with a full PUBG weapon tier list , for guns at close quarters, long ranges, and more. At the very start of a game of Battlegrounds, you land on the map with no weapons or equipment whatsoever. Close quarters weapons are typically more common than long range weapons in Battlegrounds. Here are the best close range weapons in PUBG.

The best PUBG guns - what are the weapons to take?

Each website relies on hundreds of spreadsheets and each website has different numbers., PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has got a Variety of weapons to use. A wining tip is to find the weapon first as you land on the ground at the very beginning of the Match.

Weapon Statistics

PUBG weapon damage stats become increasingly important as you begin to think more competitively about how you play the game. Different weapon stats are important at different times, too; DPS isn't very important for sniper rifles, for example, but it's one of the most important stats for SMGs. Here on this page we'll outline all the essential stats and numbers for each of PUBG's weapons, including the latest addition, the Bizon , plus our own choice of the best weapons in PUBG , with our own reasoning, further down the page. Meanwhile, we've dedicated pages on the Sanhok map , Erangel map and Miramar map and Vikendi map , too. Now you have all the essential info, it's time to do a little thinking about how these play out in-game, because cold, hard stats aren't everything. Here are our thoughts on the best weapons in each category:.

With stacks of SMGs, snipers and shotguns littered around each map, it can be tricky to know which one to grabóluckily, our PUBG gun guide is on hand to help you make that decision. Happy hunting. When it is fully kitted out with attachments there is little that will beat a M4 in most situations. It is capable of solid damage, and has some of the easiest to control recoil for those who like to spray. If you have the attachments a M4 should be top of your wish list. The AKM has the highest single shot damage of all the common assault rifles, and is great for anyone who is confident of hitting headshots. Relying on it to spray at medium range is not.

In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, there are a variety of weapons that spawn in the map, each with their own varied stats. Whether you've just picked up a sniper rifle, an assault rifle, a shotgun, or a handgun, knowing the gun's respective stats can help you decide which one you prefer to use while playing Battlegrounds. First, before we dive into each weapon in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, we wanted to offer a quick overview of weapon spawn locations. This map was created by Steam user Pvtjace and shows a variety of important info. Namely, where guns are most likely to spawn. This can help if you're just starting out in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and aren't sure where to look.






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