Messa alla sagrada familia

Free tickets: open door days and mass at the Sagrada Familia in 2019

messa alla sagrada familia

Basilica of the Sagrada Familia. Welcome to the Temple

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Accesso prioritario. Tour guidato in italiano e salta la fila. I bambini minori di 6 anni non possono accedere alla torre e nemmeno i minori di 14 ani, a meno che non siano accompagnati da un adulto. Ingresso libero: minori di 3 anni. Ingresso libero: minori di 11 anni. Marzo e ottobre: dalle alle

Over the course of the year, the Basilica hosts international masses and special celebrations open to the public. We use our own and third-party cookies to improve this website, as well as collect and analyze access data. By clicking on 'OK' you accept the use of your data for these purposes. You can modify this consent whenever you wish. International Masses.

Those who met him when he was still a student remember him as a dandy with a passion for good food, fine clothes, and all kinds of entertainment that Barcelona could offer. Others remember his strong anti-clerical tendencies. What seems certain is his relationship with spiritualism also thanks to the fact that Barcelona became one of the most important centers of this new religion. He attended many seances with a foreign woman with whom he fell in love without being requited. Later he became a follower of Abbot Kneipp and became, among the first, a vegetarian, a practice considered to be very extravagant in the Spain of the time.

Tickets to Sagrada Familia were booked and prepaid well in advance on good advice but the day itself turned out extremely unhelpful with gusting downpours and thunder that closed the access to the towers. We were promised a refund for that part of the tour so that was good, but experiencing this building then became something akin to exploring a huge cavern with hundreds of others in their clusters and with lenses and flashes and dampness. His other buildings in Barcelona are extraordinary but essentially functional to suit the needs of day to day living. This cathedral takes a medieval concept of public worship and takes it into a future world via the Garden of Eden. Once inside this colossus of a cave, one is surrounded by stone tree trunks of a massive scale that branch and blossom into the stone sky in a filigree of organic tracery. A forest of worship.

Prima messa nella Sagrada Familia: il papa beatifica Gaudi

However, regular services at the Sagrada Familia are done in the small underground crypt, that's been used as a normal parish since decades ago and I guess it will keep that way at least under the 'main' church works are finished. The crypt is quite interesting indeed and most tourists miss it. - I understand that you can now attend Mass in the main basilica. Is that correct?

Sagrada Familia

Benedetto XVI si reca a Barcellona per consacrare la basilica capolavoro. E la propone a modello per i moderni costruttori di chiese. Impossibile non leggere in questo gesto del papa un messaggio. Un teatro fra terra e cielo nel quale tutte le arti si danno convegno per mettere in scena la storia sacra del mondo e trascinare tutti nell'avventura. La parola nella pietra". Da questo libro sono riprese qui di seguito alcune suggestioni.


Apr 15, Open Door days and free tickets; Free ticket all year long: who are the people concerned? Mass at the Sagrada Familia: how to attend?.
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  1. The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is a place of Catholic worship that, over the course of the year, hosts international masses and special celebrations that are open to the public. The Archdiocese of Barcelona holds an international mass at the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia.

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