Jeep patriot gas mileage

Jeep Patriot Gas Mileage

jeep patriot gas mileage

Search by make for fuel efficient new and used cars and trucks. Jeep Patriot FWD 4 cyl, L, Automatic 6-spd. Regular Gasoline gals/ miles.


Our certified mobile technicians come to you 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM. Average rating from customers who received a Car is getting worse gas mileage Inspection. Learn More. Poor gas mileage, especially a sudden drop in fuel efficiency, can be blamed on a number of issues. It can also be an indicator of a much more serious issue that if left un-repaired, can develop into an expensive repair. There are dozens of problems that can lead to a drop in gas mileage, some of them are serious and some can be easily corrected.

Fuel Economy. MPG Number of Vehicles 17 miles per gallon 1 vehicles 18 miles per gallon 7 vehicles 19 miles per gallon 13 vehicles 20 miles per gallon 18 vehicles 21 miles per gallon 15 vehicles 22 miles per gallon 20 vehicles 23 miles per gallon 42 vehicles 24 miles per gallon 37 vehicles 25 miles per gallon 35 vehicles 26 miles per gallon 21 vehicles 27 miles per gallon 8 vehicles 28 miles per gallon 15 vehicles 29 miles per gallon 18 vehicles 30 miles per gallon 8 vehicles 31 miles per gallon 11 vehicles 32 miles per gallon 2 vehicles 33 miles per gallon 3 vehicles 34 miles per gallon 0 vehicles 35 miles per gallon 0 vehicles 36 miles per gallon 0 vehicles 37 miles per gallon 0 vehicles 38 miles per gallon 0 vehicles 39 miles per gallon 1 vehicles. Select a fuel economy unit:. The Jeep Patriots in this analysis were driven mostly in the city about 45 percent of the miles driven. The rest of the miles were on the highway at an average speed of 75 miles per hour In addition, the average Jeep Patriot in this analysis was driven on flat terrain with a medium foot and the AC on most or all of the time.

View detailed gas mileage data for the Jeep Patriot. Use our handy tool to get estimated annual fuel costs based on your driving habits.
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It may look like the boxy, truck-like Cherokee of yore, but the Jeep Patriot is a very different animal. It's dated up against rivalsóincluding the latest Cherokee and the pint-sized Renegade parked across the Jeep showroomóbut the Patriot may be worth a look if value is one of your main priorities. We consider the Jeep Patriot below average in most categories, rating it a 4. For , the Patriot's lineup is largely unchanged as the small crossover awaits a full redesign next year. The Patriot is also essentially identical to the Jeep Compass, aside from its exterior styling. Jeep positions the Compass as a slightly more premium model, but there the differences are purely cosmetic.

Jeep Patriot

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  1. The most accurate Jeep Patriot MPG estimates based on real world results of million miles driven in Jeep Patriots.

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