Italian cheese with worms

Why Maggot Cheese is a Bad Idea (Plus 9 Other Weird Foods to Avoid)

italian cheese with worms

Casu Marzu - The Illegal Cheese Thatís Crawling With Maggots

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So here it is, our top ten most questionable dishes from around the world. A traditional Sardinian cheese made from sheep milk, Casu Marzu is fermented to the stage of decomposition. Yes, Italy has outlawed this cheese for being so dangerousÖ. This stomach-churning snack is popular in the Philippines. Specifically, the undeveloped embryo of a an unborn duck.

Italy might be known for its delicious food, but even the most adventurous of foodies would be put off by a cheese full of maggots. Known as casu marzu, the cheese is derived from pecorino. Perhaps the people of Sardinia should have stopped there, Pecorino is perfectly delicious and there are no living creatures in it. But casu marzu is hundreds of years old and the process is one that locals are deeply proud of. Casu marzu is made by introducing cheese fly larvae to the cheese to cause an advanced level of fermentation. The fats in the cheese break down quickly and cause the cheese to become soft, almost liquid in some cases. The cheese becomes so full of ammonia that it can sting when you eat it and the aftertaste can last for hours.

This Cheese Is Crawling With Maggots

Cheese Crawling with Maggots?! Would You Try This Italian Delicacy?

Casu marzu

I came across this video that I simply just had to share with you. I found his reaction quite funny as specially when I think about the video that was taken on my 18th birthday party where my dad and all his friends are literally fighting over a mouth full of cheese with a maggot or two. Many of you will be turning your nose up at the idea of eating maggots probably even more so when you think that the cheese is so much more tastier if the maggot is still alive when you eat it. Casu Marzu is just one of our Italian food customs that for a number of years was in fact illegal to produce and sell. But this never really stopped the production as it has always been produced and sold on the black market. To example this better, I was told that it is not possible to go a shepherd and order 15 wheels of maggot cheese.

Would you eat cheese if it was covered in maggots? If so, this illegal Italian oddity is for you. According to the Huffington Post, this cheese, called Casu Marzu, is meant to be eaten while the creepy crawlies are still alive, and its distinct flavor essentially comes from maggot feces. The flies then lay their eggs inside the cheese and the larvae eat it once they hatch. The enzyme the bugs secrete while eating is what gives the it its unique flavor. You even have to be careful putting it into your mouth because the bugs could end up in your eyes.

Casu marzu comes from the charming Italian island of Sardinia, located in the Mediterranian Sea. Then it is given about three weeks to sit so that it can curdle. Afterwards, the cheese is left in a dark hut for two or three months. During that time the eggs hatch into larvae and promptly begin to eat the now rotting cheese. The excretions that pass through their bodies are essential, as they are what gives the cheese its distinct soft texture and rich flavor.

A variation of the cheese, casgiu merzu , is also produced in some Corsican villages. Derived from pecorino , casu marzu goes beyond typical fermentation to a stage of decomposition , brought about by the digestive action of the larvae of the cheese fly Piophila casei.


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