Father is strange cast

6 Reasons Why “Father Is Strange” Is A Family Drama Worth Watching

father is strange cast

My Father is Strange is a South Korean television series starring Kim Yeong-cheol, Kim Hae-sook, Ryu Soo-young, Lee Yoo-ri, Lee Joon, Jung So-min .

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Sign in. Michael McKean draws on his acting credits to share his best Hollywood stories as he plays our game of "Role the Dice. Watch now. Title: Father Is Strange Woo Seo Ri, a violin prodigy at 17 who was about to study in Germany, got into a bus accident and fell into a coma waking up 13 years later.

This drama is about a family that lives on the outskirts of Seoul. Suddenly one day, Ahn Joong Hee Lee Joon shows up at the household, and declares that he is the son of the family. Joong Hee is an actor who used to be a member of an idol group. He begins to live with them…. Kim So Yun was first cast as Byun Hye Young, but dropped out prior to the first script reading and filming. She was replaced by Lee Yoo Ri after that. Other Photo from Official Site.

Father Is Strange

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Sometimes you rely on them, sometimes you just want to pull all their hair out. But despite all the fights, you tell secrets to each other, seek advice about boys, and grow up together. Lee Joon plays the role of Ahn Jong Hee, a former idol who rose to fame through acting, even though he mostly uses his good looks and not talent to his advantage. But is he, really? Lee Joon is absolutely hilarious as the vain and sometimes block-headed Jong Hee, who, despite all his big talk, only wants to fit in. One great thing about this drama and many family dramas is that it has multiple love lines that showcase different couple dynamics.

The TV series gained huge popularity and was extended by 2 episodes original About a family that lives on the outskirts of Seoul which consists of the father, his wife, their three daughters, and their one son. However, one day, a young man, who is a celebrity, shows up at the household claiming that he is the son of the family. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

Watch ' Father Is Strange ' with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. This is one of those things that can disrupt a seemingly normal family. Joon Young tries not to disappoint his parents as he has been unable to pass the civil service exam for five years. Hye Young is the most accomplished as a successful attorney who has an on-again, off-again relationship with Cha Jung Hwan Ryu Soo Young , a television producer-director. After years of trying to land a job, Mi Young finally lands her dream job as an intern for Gabi Entertainment, only to discover that her high school bully, Kim Yoo Joo Lee Mi Do , works there as a team leader.



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