Romeo e giulietta musical

'Romeo And Giulietta. Ama E Cambia Il Mondo' at the Verona Arena

romeo e giulietta musical

Romeo e Giulietta - Ama e cambia il mondo a "Ti lascio una canzone"_26/04/2014

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After the great preview of , 'Romeo e Giulietta. The most famous love story of literary magic will be revived in its original location on 23 and 24 May. After conquering the entire peninsula in a long series of dates between late and early , the cast of Romeo e Giulietta the musical by David Zard, is ready to start a new tour : the Arena di Verona programme will visit Turin and Florence for an unmissable series of events! The Italian Romeo e Giulietta musical premiere took place in October at the Arena di Verona: The Romeo e Giulietta musical has gained a great deal of success and, after Rome, Milan and Naples, and another 14 shows which will end with the two dates at the Verona Arena in May ! If you missed the preview last October, do not miss Romeo and Giulietta at the Arena di Verona in ! The Romeo e Giulietta - Arena di Verona musical draws on the past to put on a new and original show : 'Romeo and Juliet de la haine a l'amour'. The young and dynamic cast has the winning card.

The tragic love story between two boys belonging to rival families, as we know, was written by the great William Shakespeare and even today, after centuries, makes the readers of the whole world feel moved. From the opening of the curtain, with the scene of an open book where the original love verses are mentioned, there is a crescendo of involvement and emotions that reach the climax in the proceedings where the meeting of the two protagonists takes place, and in the final act in which love triumphs in death of young lovers. To seal this continuum of trepidation there are the magnificent sets with 3D effects and the skill of the cast, whose names include the beautiful Giulia Luzi , the charming Federico Maringhetti and the powerful voice of Barbara Cola. When: and the 26 27 December Schedule:. Where: Palapartenope theater, via Barbagallo Ticket prices:. Contacts: Romeo and Juliet site.

Lady Capuleti ha uno spessore maggiore, e rappresenta spesso la voce della ragione. Nel , dal 2 febbraio al 4 aprile, lo spettacolo ritorna in scena con una nuova serie di rappresentazioni al Palazzo dei Congressi di Parigi. Durante questo tempo, Romeo e i suoi due migliori amici, Benvolio e Mercuzio, camminano per le vie di Verona e cantano fortemente la loro voglia dei semplici piaceri Les Rois du Monde, La Reine Mab. Poco dopo, Romeo confida che ha paura. Di cosa? Lui non lo sa precisamente J'ai peur. Allora, nella speranza di distrarlo, Benvolio e Mercuzio lo persuadono ad accompagnarli, mascherati, al ballo che si tiene dai Capuleti Le Bal.

Romeo e Giulietta - Ama e cambia il mondo (in francese Romeo et Juliette, de la haine a Il musical e molto differente dall'opera originale: il testo inglese originario non e utilizzato, quasi tutti i personaggi sono a conoscenza del matrimonio.
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Featuring 23 scene changes, hundreds of costumes, and lighting and video projections on both static and dynamic surfaces. Some projections follow the movements of the scenes and adapt accordingly. Such a complex operation required powerful software and media servers, capable of handling video content in the best possible way. The production uses a disguise 2x4pro media server, built for touring, the sturdiness of the server is ideal for life on the road when travelling with the show. The pre-vis team also made use of disguise Designer software, which allowed the team to visualise, design, and sequence the project wherever they were.

The musical Romeo and Giulietta at the Palapartenope between love, hate and rivalry

Since its world premiere in Verona on June 1, , directed by Sergio Carrubba, the musical has toured throughout Italy, playing in various Italian cities, including Rome , Milan , Naples and others. -




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