Nyx face awards 2017

congratulations to our top 5 finalists

nyx face awards 2017

2017 FACE Awards TOP 6!

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Over nearly five months, thousands of award entries from 16 different countries were whittled down to a final 30, 20, 12 and then six before the live event. The unveiling of each video onstage drew cheers from adoring fans. Contestants made it clear that self-confidence was an important part of their make-up work. Kristi of the channel RawBeautyKristi drove that point home when she spoke about beauty faux pas on the NYX pink carpet. Kandee Johnson, a make-up artist to the stars and famous YouTube vlogger herself, hosted the live event bringing her charming and hilarious personality out to play. Just block and delete, block and delete.

But perhaps more importantly, it was the opportunity to take their cosmetic ambitions to the next level. Kelly Osbourne hosted the proceedings. Osbourne gave the art of make-up and the six finalists their due. It just shows the difference that they are making in this world. It really is a great way for you ladies to inspire other girls.

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Members of the online video makeup community are set to decide the latest winner of a yearly competition. Since then, a series of challenges have separated the pretenders from the prizeworthy and have whittled down the Beauty Vlogger of the Year pool. Kalil , NsomniaksDream , and Victoria Lyn. Those finalists will now complete a series of final challenges, and their corresponding looks will be revealed at the Face Awards. Patrick Starrr , who is himself a former Face Awards contestant, will serve as the host for that program, which will be streamed live on its website and on the YouTube channel of its sponsor, the cosmetics company Nyx. Conquering the Nyx Face Awards also carries some amount of prestige. The Beauty Vlogger of the Year trophy has been handed out each year since , and many finalists and victors have since seen their careers take off.

Sanchez Wins Vlogger of the Year at NYX FACE Awards

2015 NYX FACE Awards: Empowerment and Inspiration

For the past six years, NYX Professional Makeup has recognized the talented individuals of the beauty vlogging community. This national competition celebrates the community of online make-up artistry—a rapidly growing industry. There are more than 45, YouTube channels that specialize in beauty and fashion and these videos receive more than million hits a month. The FACE Awards were created not only to celebrate this growing community, but to foster their careers and unite them annually with a single event. We look forward to recognizing the Beauty Vlogger of the Year at our live event in August. Submission period will close at the end of the month April

Hosted by vlogger and Face Awards alumni Patrick Starrr, the show kicked off with a performance by drag queen Alyssa Edwards, included a performance from Willow Smith, and ended with the crowning of the Face Awards Vlogger of the Year. The honor went to Jessica A. Kalil , a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Jessica is a relative newcomer to the beauty vlogging scene, having started her YouTube channel only six months ago and with a smaller subscriber base than all of the other finalists. The finalists were asked interpret the theme of "The Magic of Makeup," and Jessica, who majored in musical theater and dance in college, transformed herself in stunning detail into two characters. These included a nostalgic '90s moment that you'll have to watch for yourself. Her incorporation of acting and singing, along with her meticulous attention to detail, was worthy of the overall trophy of the competition, as well as the Storytelling award.

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