Where is my ticket

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where is my ticket

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Your tickets will be located in your account and will be available for you before the event. Mobile Entry is the easiest and safest way to access tickets to your events. When your event is Mobile only, or you selected Mobile Entry at checkout - your mobile phone is your ticket. Your tickets will not be available for print or emailed to you. Please note: Mobile Entry is not available for all events.

Check below on the dispatch status of some of our most popular events. All the events are listed in alphabetical order. If you're not sure if your tickets have been sent yet, this is the place to check! We'll try and keep you up to date on all the big events coming up in the UK over the next few months. If your event isn't listed at the moment, don't worry as we are adding more events all the time. The latest to expect your tickets is 5 days before the event. So please make sure you contact us within 5 days of the event if you still haven't received your tickets.

Your ticket number is a character number that can be found near the top of your ticket on the right-hand side. Emirates-issued tickets normally have a number starting with Was this helpful? If not, please talk to us now using Live Chat opens a dialog box. Share via email opens a pop-up window. We'd love to hear from you.

Flight confirmation emails are sent directly by the airline. Some airlines, such as American Airlines, take up to 4 hours to send the email confirmation. Call their reservation department directly if you still have not received your confirmation after 4 hours. Consult your credit card statement to see if there is a charge. For 3rd party booking sites, you will want to call right away to make sure no extra verification is needed to process your transaction. Why are there two booking links for my round trip flight? How do I purchase tickets for multiple travelers?

Online check in

Finding the airline code and ticket number. Find the airline code and ticket number on an electronic ticket. Find the airline code and ticket number on a paper ticket.





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