Oportet ut scandala eveniant

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oportet ut scandala eveniant

Michael Voris was right. A major Italian Television channel has now confirmed all the main details: a ring of priests sleeping with minors - boys.

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Feb Posted by Mundabor. The English-speaking press, which together with the Italian one dominates the Catholic discourse, is very far away. His connections to homosexual priest search this blog , his arrest for having marijuana in his luggage search this blog , and his support for clearly evil bishops and cardinals refer to the post linked above should give a newspaper ready to pay the cost more than some hope for rich pickings. Unfortunately, the secular press is largely interested in promoting the Evil Clown and they have no interest in bringing him down, not even for the sake of prestige and income. It is difficult to think that the likes of EWTN will make the conscious decision to start unearthing the excrement in the excrement-rich life of Jorge Bergoglio, sadly of Italian ancestors.

Latin for "it's appropriate for scandals to happen". Originally in Matthew , it's used to remind people that even if the occasional financial , political or personal scandal is undoubtably bad, a society with no scandals at all is rotten to the core. Corruption , greed and betrayal are part of every society - the leftmost side of the bell curve that holds saints, heroes and the rest of the "common people". The function of the occasional scandal is to expose a problem , so that we can take steps to prevent it in the future. The phrase must not be twisted to make it appear that scandals are good per se , or that you can adopt a laissez faire attitude towards them.

Jun Posted by Mundabor. Michael Voris was right. A major Italian Television channel has now confirmed all the main details: a ring of priests sleeping with minors — boys, but also girls -; one of them now singing like a canary bird with the Italian prosecution service; a big investigation in full swing as you read. Very probably, this was the object of the surprise morning meeting of a couple of days ago. This day must, for us, be a day of rejoicing.

Mar 3. Posted by Mundabor. This evening I read the following statement from the Cardinal:. Basically, the man was on the wrong job for his entire career. He had, though, definitely fallen from grace at least in this blog after his extremely stupid interview about priests who might find it fine to have the option to marry to marry as priests, he meant; not to be ordained priests after they married. It is good that such scandals happen. It is good that the Church wakes up to the filth infiltrating her up to almost the very top, and another fruit of the immense tragedy called Vatican II, which cause a number of homosexuals to be admitted in seminaries, with the consequences we see today.

Oportet ut scandala eveniant

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  2. This blog post made me reflect on the fact that it has been a great advantage for the Evil Clown to come from the "peripheries".

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