Land rover defender 2015

Say Bye: Land Rover Defender Bows Out with Three Final Editions

land rover defender 2015

Land Rover Defender 110 XS Station Wagon (2013) Car Review by Perrys

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After a continuous run of 67 years [1] production finally ended on 29 January when the last Land Rover Defender, with the number plate H HUE, rolled off the production line. The coil sprung Land Rover was introduced in as "Land Rover One Ten", and in the "Land Rover Ninety" was added the numbers representing the respective wheelbases in inches. In fact the Ninety was nearer 93 inches at The number was spelled in full in advertising and in handbooks and manuals, and the vehicles also carried badges above the radiator grille which read "Land Rover 90" or "Land Rover ", with the number rendered numerically. In , a third model was brought out by Land Rover to be produced in parallel with the other two: the Land Rover Discovery. To avoid possible confusion, the model year Ninety and the One Ten were renamed the "Defender 90" and "Defender ".

There are plenty of distinctive touches to help the Autobiography stand out, including a two-tone paintjob, gloss-black wheels with chunky Goodyear off-road tyres, aluminium-finished door handles and fuel filler cap, tinted rear windows, silver running boards and bright LED headlamps. Climb into the cabin, and while the cramped driving position remains, some of the pains of driving the Defender are eased by the plush, heated leather seats. There are more aluminium trim pieces inside, while hand-finished leather is added to the dash, headlining, doors and central armrest cubby. Deep-pile carpets provide further comfort, and a premium Alpine stereo with a meaty subwoofer bolted to the back of the armrest rounds off the upgrades, although the face-off head unit does seem a bit old-hat. Under the bonnet, the 2. The driving experience is no different, either, with heavy steering, a large turning circle, a six-speed box that needs a bit of force to shift and a ride that bounces you out of your seat over speed bumps. View the discussion thread.

Jump to navigation. It's yet another special-edition Defender. There have been countless since its introduction in , featuring everything from exterior cages and custom colours to unique alloy wheels. There was even one that made you look like Tomb Raider. The final three are arguably the most notable, largely because the Defender's year run, which started with the original Land Rover, is coming to an end in January next year. Those are namely the back-to-basics, rose-tinted spectacles Heritage, the luxurious for a Defender Autobiography and this, the rugged Adventure.

The special editions have three distinct themes: the outdoorsy Adventure Edition, the luxurious Autobiography Edition, and the retro-licious Heritage Edition. Leather upholstery and door panels dress up the interior, while black wheels and a black-painted hood, tailgate, and roof contrast with the body coloreither gray, white, or orange. As it does in the Range Rover lineup , the Autobiography Edition denotes the ultra-luxurious versionwell, ultra-luxurious for a Defender. Offered as a 90 station wagon only, the Autobiography receives a full leather interior, a bespoke two-tone black and gray paint job, and bright exterior trim. Its 2. On offer this spring in both 90 and form, the Heritage Edition sports a retro-style front grille, steel wheels, and the HUE logo that graced an early prototype.

Forbidden Fruit: 2016 Land Rover Defender 90 Heritage: The Last of the Line

Launched in as a successor to the original Land Rover Series, the Defender remained largely unaltered throughout its life, with none of the three important revisions it received in , and diluting its classic, no-nonsense recipe., Car nameplates are recycled on a regular basis. For three decades, The Land Rover Defender has managed to eschew this evolutionary pattern, so its demise marks the end of an entire era, not just the retirement of a nameplate.

2015 Land Rover Defender Heritage Edition

Even after 40 years the muscle memory kicks in. The left leg pushing the springy clutch pedal to the floor through its circular arc; the left arm out almost at waist height to find first gear, then reaching down past the left knee for the e-brake; the awkward stomach crunch as you guide the stubby lever to the floor. But it's essentially the same car. The large diameter steering wheel sits atop a non-adjustable steering column set at exactly the same angle, and there's the same lack of self-centering from the worm-and-roller steering; you have to consciously wind off lock as you exit tight turns. There are other year-old ghosts in the machine: The bouncy cadence to the fore-aft pitch as it rides the bumps in the highway, the metallic slap from the driveshafts as you get on and off the gas. Yes, the Defender 90 Heritage has fancy heated bucket seats instead of foam slabs, the transmission has synchromesh on first and second gears, there are coils instead of cart springs on the axles, and there's even air conditioning, power windows, power steering, carpet on the floor, and a CD player.





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