Il tempo a venezia

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il tempo a venezia

Situazione METEO in tempo reale Venezia con le segnalazioni inviate dai meteo reporter di Venezia - Su trovi le previsioni e le notizie meteo per tutte.


The Hungarian Pavilion at the Giardini gives its visitors a reception like a palace — you enter the otherwise inconspicuous building through an arch of golden tiles. However, the pictures radiate a strange impression, since their colours are a bit off or even black-and-white, displayed on video screens, and seem to move ever so slowly. Even stranger, the images render the people in identical close-up shots, and they all have naked shoulders. Also, their hairstyles and expressions suggest that they are not contemporary. Indeed, as it turns out, the portraits originate from the early s. They are 16mm motion picture specimens from the anthropological collection of the Natural History Museum in Vienna and were compiled by Nazi scientist Josef Wastl.

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