Eins zwei drei vier

German vocabulary/Numbers

eins zwei drei vier


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1, eins, one. 2, zwei, two. 3, drei, three. 4, vier, four. 5, funf, five. 6, sechs, six. 7, sieben, seven. 8, acht, eight. 9, neun, nine. 10, zehn, ten.
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Correct me please if i am mistaken. You are correct, but the difference between ein and eins is really important and not really negotiable in any area. Germany has different areas, kinda like states, and everyone has a different accent as well as pronunciation, for example, Ich sounds like Ish in some places. Until this lesson on Duolingo, I had never been so thankful for the song "Numbers" by Kraftwerk in my life. Also, in English you can only count with one just like in German that you can only count with eins. You cannot say "a, two, three You say "one, two, three

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while meaning "two", as i know, german speaking people say "Zwo" instead of " Zwei" to make it distinguishable, e.x. in the phone conversation.
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