Festa dei gigli 2017

Festa dei Gigli Barra 2017

festa dei gigli 2017

Event in Naples, Italy by I gigli barresi on Sunday, September 24 with people interested and people going. 8 posts in the discussion.

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My first? But we made it to Nola, not far from Naples. You have to slowly ease out from the emotional cyclone of days living the delirious nolana passione for the celebration of patron saint, Bishop San Paolino — and not just the living it, but hearing it! Music throbs in winding alleyways, palazzi courtyards, and the piazzas where the eight elegant carved gigli tower 25 meters above groups of musicians playing for jubilant locals dancing to the beating rhythms, clapping, waving scarves and fans, blowing whistles dangling around necks. Caporali set the rhythms, directing the paces of the panting, grimacing — at times, moaning — cullatori swaying, prancing in unison to the beats of the band seated on top of their backs.

The celebration is held on the Sunday after June 22, the day San Paolino returned from captivity, having been held by the Hun in North Africa. As the tale goes, after negotiating the release of all the Nola men, San Paolino was freed and sailed back to this Neapolitan town, greeted by the townspeople, who escorted him to the bishop under the banners of the eight local trade unions while carrying armfuls of lilies picked from the fields—thus the name of the festival. A makeshift boat is also transported around town, recalling the joyous return of San Paolino. The celebration takes up the entire day and draws quite a crowd from current and past Nola residents as well as from neighboring towns as well; be sure to arrive early! If you have a Lily Festival near you, it just might be derived from this one in the province of Naples. Skip to main content. Festa dei Gigli in Nola.

The festival honors Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and St. Paulinus traveled on, is also paraded by over a hundred men. The climax of the event occurs when the two structures meet before the church and are turned to face the entrance. And to some it may look strange, and maybe it is! The tradition, dating back to the 5th century in Italy, commemorates the return from captivity of the beloved St. Paulinus, Bishop of Nola.

You may have grown up with a set of beliefs, values and traditions based upon cultural influences. Perhaps you celebrate a certain holiday every year, eat food that is specific to a particular country or speak the language of your ancestors. Regardless of the details, these unique cultural characteristics have helped define whom you are as an individual. Growing up with an Italian-American father, I learned how to make gravy before I was within eye level of the stove, and accept the fact that my house would reek of fish due to the Christmas Eve Seven Fish Tradition, or la Festa dei Sette Pesci. Even more so, I quickly began to look forward to every July when la Festa Dei Gigli, the Festival of Lilies, took place in my paternal family's old neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In brevity, the feast commemorates San Paolino, a bishop from Nola, Italy, who sacrificed his life for a Nolani boy when North African pirates attempted to capture him. In time, San Paolino was returned by a Turkish sultan who admired his sacrifice.

The Festival of Lilies is a popular Catholic celebration that takes place every year at Nola on the occasion of the patron saint celebration dedicated to San Paolino. With this event the Nolani recall the return to the city of Pontius Meropio Paolino from the captivity by the barbarians in the first half of the fifth century. The festival takes place on June 22nd every year, if it falls on Sunday or the next, if midweek day, and consists of the dancing procession of the 8 Lilies and the Boat. Wooden obelisks are named after the ancient arts and crafts corporations. The Lilies and the Boat go along a traditional path perched in the oldest nucleus of the city at the rhythm of original pieces and reinterpretations drawn from the Neapolitan, Italian and international musical traditions performed by a musical band placed on the basis of the structure. The event covers the entire course of the day. During the morning, the Lilies and the Boat are transported to Piazza Duomo , the main square of Nola, where the bishop is solemnly blessed.

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Piazza in festa dei gigli - Picture of Duomo di Nola


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Witness the most incredible festival in all of New York – Festa dei Gigli!







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  1. It will be held from 22 to 25 June the traditional Festa dei Gigli in Nola which boasts a very ancient tradition it is even spoken of the fifth century and that from the boasts official recognition of UNESCO as an intangible heritage of humanity.

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