Guy de maupassant sur l eau

Afloat (Sur l'eau)

guy de maupassant sur l eau

Sur l'eau par Guy de Maupassant-Trame sonore/Tableaux

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Bernard, le patron, est maigre, souple, remarquablement propre, soigneux et prudent. Je suis seul, vraiment seul, vraiment libre. Quinze jours sans parler, quelle joie! Elle demeure toujours claire, vernie, luisante. Quel personnage, le vent, pour les marins! Vous ne le connaissez point, gens de la terre!

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I am alone, really alone, really free. The smoke of the train runs along the seaside; while I float in a winged home that is rocked and cradled; pretty as a bird, tiny as a nest, softer than a hammock, wandering over the waters at the caprice of the wind, independent and free! To attend to me and sail my boat, I have two sailors at my call, and books and provisions for a fortnight. Afloat is a delightful surprise! De Maupassant kept a diary during a voyage in his yacht, the Bel-Ami. Jim nominated it at the French Literature group and referenced a newish translation by Douglas Parmee. Then Laura found scans for this public domain translation.

21 avr. Guy de Maupassant. Sur l'eau Il me semble que je vois en eux l'horreur de Maupassant - Sur l'eau, djvu leur ame comme on voit un.
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Besnard Micheline. Maupassant's travel diary, miming the prit ries of a cruise's log-hook keeps the narrative adrift on a fantasy of fusion, itself encouraged by the movement or the imaginary of the sea. But Maupassant is careful to frame the story, an initial comment announces that nothing of interest can be derived from the diary, while a conclusion observes that nothing but vague daydreams have emerged. Thus the author both complies with his obligation to the reader and the editor by judging the narrator, and allows himself and the reader? Micheline Besnard, Ohio State University. Le narrateur.

Sur L'eau by Guy De Maupassant

"Sur l'EAU" - Compagnie Les z'OMNI


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