Monsters in my head

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monsters in my head

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First a hard step on the gravel and then a foot dragging behind. Step-drag, step-drag. I lay frozen in my bed. The long alleyway between our family house and the neighbor's was hardly three feet wide; dark, covered with black dirt, gravel and tufts of weeds and grass just barely able to survive the sunless space. The two windows of my room faced the clapboard wall of our neighbor's house, and Venetian blinds remained permanently closed against the nonview.

I'm sitting here watching my daughter being born For like I should thank god that nothing went wrong Back in my days I saved the strength for the graveyard Running from school cause enemies never stay far Wear my colors watching colors chasing after my older brothers Cause they was always sending shit with me we had different brothers Playing football in the streets with the homies And local drug dealers kicking back making money cause the crack fiend Was always there so I start selling that cane cause nobody never cared Mama at the post office working at late night shifts Taking care of my sisters cause my daddy wouldn't Sweating on the stove and on a school clothes Open the refrigerator like where did the food go? Trying to do whatever I can to be a man, hope you understand Even when shit goes wrong it's part of god's plan, amen. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to lord my soul to keep Wake me up before I'm dead Don't bury me with monsters in my head, yeah Monsters in my head, with monsters in my head Underneath the bed, underneath the bed. Laying here staring at this doggy style poster on my wall

Why would I stop myself for becoming a monster? Did anyone stop themselves from making me one? I will never be safe, From the monsters in my head. The demon in my mirror, The vile creature Which haunts my dreams Every night. I will never be safe, From the monster I fear I am. The monster they believe me to be, The monster I sometimes wish I was.

Sign in. Michael McKean reflects on his first Emmy nomination for " Better Call Saul " as well as his iconic roles over the years. Watch now. Many traumatized victims are assaulted in their sleep while others are plagued by entities that appear during the waking day. This season jaw dropping, emotional first person testimonies and terrifying reconstruction explores the causes of these blood curdling visions. From ghosts of Native American warriors, hallucinations of ghoulish monsters, and suspicions of being invaded by aliens, how can. Start your free trial.

The monsters inside your head, telling you what you should do and how you should live your life. The constant yelling and worrying over every single thing in your life. Those monsters are called anxiety and too many people struggle with it, including me. My anxiety started in the third grade when I was only nine years old. Since I was so young, I had no idea what was wrong with me, I thought I was sick and that I was the only one who felt like this and I thought that maybe I was dying. Anxiety tortures you from the inside out and every fiber of your being is screaming to make it stop. Many people end their own lives because that is the only way they think that they can get it to stop.

Trying to do whatever I can to be a man, hope you understand Even when shit goes wrong it's part of God's plan, Amen. In a n-gga head, all of my homies gone to jail, or they end up dead Got my first tattoo tear when I was 19, chasing a pipe dreams Chrenshaw boulevard chilling, that was the night scene And like the movies, n-ggas act a fool When you pushing a beemer, who gives a f-ck about a School? Mom's seta curfew, but I was breaking all the rules Kicked a n-gga out the house so I started forming my crew Getting a little bigger on my own, in the 12 grade crips scheming on me Cause they know my trap self made, trying to get by or getting high. That's how I survived, be a leader not a follower, that's how them cowards die Pay 'em no mind but keep my chrome to the end of time Feeling like no n-gga can see me I think they're going blind. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. What does this song mean to you?

Tales Of The Monsters In My Head

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