Skyway invest group italia

Skyway Capital continues investment fraud with tokens & CryptoUnits

skyway invest group italia

Presentazione del progetto Sky Way e dell'azienda Sky Way Invest Group

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SkyWay is a project, which unites over technical specialists and experts in the area of transport innovations. We offer a fundamentally new approach to organization of passenger and cargo transportation. According to it, transport is an effective means of transportation and not a source of danger for every person and humanity on the whole. Due to its technical features, SkyWay transport system minimizes all causes of accidents typical of conventional transport. SkyWay overpass is resistant to rains, heavy snowfalls, dust storms, tsunamis, glaciation, acts of terrorism and vandalism. Track structure location above the ground surface, availability of the rail track and unibus anti-derailment system eliminate any possible collisions of SkyWay rolling stock. SkyWay overpass is designed with the possibility of combining multichannel communication lines, electric power lines, as well as solar panels and wind turbine generators with it.

This list includes the countries whose national banks or financial regulating agencies have issued some type of warning or prohibition about investment in the SkyWay Group. Please note that financial regulatory agency press releases are considered primary sources like legislation. Verifiable links which help make a company notable need to include secondary references which verify these primary sources before they can be added to the article. A good example below is the Greek regulatory warning. We need to find secondary sources for each of these warnings. Some of these countries, including Sweden and Malta, have not reached this list yet: [1]. You can view the site here and chose 'companies' from the search column of the left and then access these two different listings individually: [2].

Da settembre , almeno Ma cosa si evince sul web facendo una ricerca sulla Sky Way? Poco, pochissimo. E per questi eventi ci sono voluti solo dai 2 ai 5 anni!!! Se anni fa ti avessero proposto di investire in Apple o Google e tu non lo avessi fatto, come ti sentiresti ora? Ma quali sono le specifiche nel dettaglio?

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All you need to know is on Wikipedia totally blue sky with zero projects., Communication seems to be a problem at Skyway Ponzi HQ though, as both reload scams have been announced simultaneously.

Sky Way, l’azienda del “tram volante” che non ha mai realizzato un progetto

SkyWay Group is a term used to refer to a group of companies that market, finance, and construct elevated rail transport systems commonly referred to as SkyWay. The SkyWay Group technology, referred to as 'String Transport', [3] involves the movement of driverless vehicles on sleeperless tracks elevated above the ground on concrete supports. The 'string' refers to the bundle of prestressed tensioned steel wires placed in a concrete-filled body. SkyWay has been designed to transport passengers and cargo. Anatoly Yunitskiy is the inventor of SkyWay technology and is also the founder, the director [6] and the main shareholder of companies in the SkyWay Group.




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  1. SkyWay Group is a term used to refer to a group of companies that market, finance, and construct elevated rail transport systems commonly referred to as SkyWay. The public has been warned by financial regulators about risky investments in SkyWay Group infrastructure projects. . the advertisement and sale of certain SkyWay investment products to Italian.

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