Sneak peek clash royale

Clash of Clans June update sneak peek: Research Potion revealed

sneak peek clash royale

Coming in the next update SNEAK PEEK #1 - More Deck Slots! Unlock extra Battle Deck slots at Level 8. Bonus info: Invite friends to your.

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Check out everything coming to the Summer update including new cards, emotes, chests, league changes and more, here. Supercell has been hard at work on the upcoming Clash Royale June update and, despite the company's decision to do away with Sneak Peeks during the last update, this week we've gotten a ton of info about what's ahead. Get ready for new cards, emotes, chests, league reworks and more. Details about the June update have been spread across a number of different videos, so we've put together a comprehensive rundown of everything revealed so far. As more Sneak Peeks surface, we'll be sure to update this post.

Earlier this week, Supercell kicked off the sneak peeks for the Clash of Clans June update by revealing a brand new Magic Item coming to the mobile strategy game. As explained by Supercell, the Research Potion will speed up your Lab Research by 10 times for an hour. Introduced in October , Magic Hammers are rewarded for competing in Clan War Leagues and provide instant upgrades to troops, buildings, spells and heroes. Magic Hammers are a powerful way to upgrade your village, but simply put, they are too powerful. Following the update, there will be a seven-day cooldown when you purchase a Magic Hammer. The restriction, however, will only apply to the same kind of Hammers. For instance, if you were to purchase a Hammer of Heroes from the League Shop, you will not be able to purchase another Hammer of Heroes for seven days.

Builder Base. Home Village. The June Update has just been released and we have 2 confirmed updates coming this year. However, we don't have any official information about them. A: It's inevitable that this question will pop up. We have two more updates planned for the rest of the year. While we don't generally announce major updates like a new TH until we're ready to announce it, we have updates planned for mid- to late-autumn and one more for the end of the year.

Supercell Response self. The latest Clash Royale update is almost here! This update brings many brand new features such as the Trophy Road, new game modes, an Earthquake spell and so much more! You can find out more by watching TV Royale and some videos from our fantastic content creators! Feel free to use this post to discuss anything about the Trophy Road, new game modes or anything else coming in the update!

Remember Me? Advanced Search. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. We're also applying some new balancing to multiple units, defenses, and spells as well so check out the details below to see what new changes are being implemented. Level Previous time New time Levels 28 mins 22 mins Levels 31 mins 25 mins Levels 34 mins 28 mins Levels 37 mins 31 mins Levels 40 mins 34 mins Levels 43 mins 37 mins Level 30 46 mins 40 mins. Level Old Hitpoints New Hitpoints 1 2 3

Update Sneak Peeks!

Never mind. The uncle is back here and we the ClashRoyaleKingdom crew just got a news about the next update that likely will be arrived tomorrow., Everything related to the update sneak peeks, leaks,… will be listed here! Also, this time, there is a huge change in using spells!

Next Update Sneak Peek

Bonus info:. Coming in the next update Unlock extra Battle Deck slots at Level 8 Bonus info: Invite friends to your Clash Royale friends list a social media connection is no longer required to have in-game friends! Summer of 2v2 is coming with all new 2v2 game modes! AND , starting soon, collect chests with your friends in a 2v2 Battle! Bonus info: A "2v2" button will appear on your Clash Royale main screen soon after the next update has arrived With this button you can invite a friend, Clanmate or pair up with a random Internet buddy to play a 2v2 Battle for chests, Victory Gold and earn Crowns for your Clan Chest and Crown Chest! The button will initially be available for 7 days - as a test run to make sure it all works correctly Providing everything works, which we're anticipating it will, we plan to bring the button back for the entirety of July aka, "Summer of 2v2" Our goal with this week and month-long 2v2 button fiesta is to see how you, the players, feel about it and ultimately decide whether or not it should become a permanent feature of Clash Royale - and if so, in what form?


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