Eddie guerrero funny moments

Eddie Guerrero Quotes

eddie guerrero funny moments

As most of you are probably aware, a legend passed away six years ago, today. Eddie Guerrero's passing has left a void in wrestling, and since his death.

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He started out his career in childhood, as he and his nephew Chavo were allowed by his father, legendary promoter Gory Guerrero, to wrestle matches during intermissions. From there, Eddie launched into the family business headfirst. A little note: Eddie was the youngest of four brothers. So young, his nephew Chavo is only three years younger than him. Eddie's early exposure to wrestling audiences was limited to Mexico, as most of his formative years in the business were spent as part of CMLL and then the newly formed AAA promotion. Guerrero wrestled around the world for the next few years, traveling both to Japan where he met up with Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko and ECW , where he started to gain a foothold in the American wrestling industry.

Eddie Guerrero's passing has left a void in wrestling, and since his death, no one else has been able to lie, cheat and steal the hearts of the fans quite like him. His memory is kept alive by his family, friends and fans. Those very fans have kept the Latino Heat burning within their hearts. Instead of writing a tribute to Eddie Guerrero, I thought it'd be better to remember the more humorous moments of Eddie Guerrero's phenomenal career. He could make us love him, hate him and laugh like no other wrestler. Humor was one of Guerrero's best qualities and also the one I miss the most. When Eddie Guerrero cheated, something special happened!

These segments often make me feel sad since this wrestling legend was taken from us way too soon. Eddie was terrific at lying, cheating, and stealing. To prevent having to fight Batista, Eddie Guerrero pretended to be sick. However, it soon became clear to the WWE audience that Eddie was faking it when the beautiful nurse came in. Poor Eddie! A master plan foiled again! Chyna begged Eddie to take it seriously, but Eddie only had love on his mind.

15 Moments When Eddie Guerrero Gave You Latino Heat







Jun 30, The best Eddie Guerrero moments are each better than the last. Eddie, and to ensure he is never forgotten, here are some of Eddie's funniest.
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  1. Known as one of the most charismatic WWE Superstars of his generation, Eddie Guererro made lying, cheating, and stealing popular in the world of wrestling.

  2. The Big Show and Eddie Guerrero have had some funny moments together, notably the toilet segment where Eddie stole the toilet paper so Show had nothing.

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