Scienze dell educazione bari

Phenomenological Approaches in the Life and Cognitive Sciences

scienze dell educazione bari

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Email: Password:. Sign in. Our approach is empirical rather than theoretical: instead of scavenging literature, we collect credible evidence from Italian teachers on the job who create innovation in schools using technology. The concrete result of the project will be an online repository of hundreds of experiences, carried out in classes of all levels of schooling, where technology was skillfully combined with pedagogical solutions to generate substantial educational benefits. A specific focus is on inclusion, i.

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World , Europe , Italy , Bari. Speaks English, Italian, Portuguese. I am from a little city based in southern Italy, in Puglia. I'm the last of three children and I guess I'm a mix child of love. My mother is Italian and my father is American. That is when I decided I wanted to study to be an educator, in Italy it is the figure that is actually in contact with the people that are part of projects, and they can work ether in organizations that make their own projects or in institutions like orphanage, juvenile, prisons… It is not a social worker since it is closer to the people and a bit further from the papers. My choice comes from the will to make clear to everyone that in life we have a choice and that we should make no one define who we are.

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The Scienze dell'educazione Department at Universita degli Studi di Bari on
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The Creative Matrix of the Origins pp Cite as. Phenomena, which are for Hegel our immediate, living experience, are not mere appearances but are reality itself as it appears to consciousness. Phenomenological philosophy, in the terms proposed by Husserl, has widely influenced contemporary science in general and appeared particularly suitable for the life and cognitive sciences. When a natural fact cannot be immediately reduced to first principles, it is possible to isolate some of its variables and consider the relationship between the changes in these variables and their dimension or the dimension of other variables. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.


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