Roma cacio e pepe

Where To Find The Best Cacio E Pepe In Rome

roma cacio e pepe

Pasta cacio e pepe, vi svelo il segreto per renderla cremosa! – Primi piatti veloci


The combination of hot, crisp dough and cool, smooth sauce is at once uniquely Roman and just plainly delicious. Fair warning: The appetizer portion is large and filling. Split it with friends or else your roast lamb will arrive and immediately be put into a doggy bag. The long green strands slither into the noodles, giving every cheesy bite a tonic-like shot of bitter greenness. One of three sit-down pizzerias owned by Stefano Callegari, best known as the inventor of the Trapizzino, Sbanco serves whole pies, chewy and risen, with all the usual and unusual toppings. A circle of dough is baked with crushed ice on top, which keeps the surface soft and pliable, and then drenched with a heady mixture of — you guessed it — pecorino and black pepper when it comes out of the oven. The underlying layer, where the ice was, becomes creamy, but the top remains dry and crumbly, perfectly imitating the taste and texture of the classic pasta where the pecorino is first emulsified into a sauce and then sprinkled on top.

Da Felice in Testaccio is the most famous old-school restaurant for cacio e pepe. The draw of the cacio e pepe here is that the waiter whips up this dish in front of you, tossing the pasta at your plate with an adept hand ensuring the ingredients are combined to perfection. BEST cacio e pepe in Roma! With classic Roman service read: brusque , high quality and low prices, its always bustling for good reason. The rotating daily specials are always excellent as are the staples. The cacio e pepe here is mild but flavorful; we recommend pairing with a side dish of cicoria. Na boccia e na cacio e pepe.

Leonardo Vignoli’s Cacio e Pepe

The best cacio e pepe in Rome. Cacio e pepe is the quintessential Roman pasta dish, made with simple ingredients but far from simple to prepare., My cousin who grew up in Rome suggested Cacio e Pepe. We had delicious food and wine.

An Ode To Cacio E Pepe

Like carbonara, cacio e pepe is a relative newcomer to the Roman repertoire, first appearing in the mid-twentieth century. Pasta is tossed with an emulsified sauce of Pecorino Romano and black pepper that is bound by starchy pasta cooking water. Depending on the cook, the results range from dry to juicy. He uses ice in a hot pan to obtain a creamy sauce, but we have adapted his recipe to obtain more consistent results in a home kitchen. Finely grated Pecorino Romano and very hot water are essential to a smooth sauce, while fresh, coarsely ground black pepper gives flavor and texture. The most important component of a flawless cacio e pepe, however, is speed. If the water cools before melting the cheese, the sauce will clump.

How Cacio e Pepe Became an Iconic Roman Dish — Dining on a Dime: International

Cacio e Pepe, Rome



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  1. Cacio e pepe is made with pecorino Romano cheese and black pepper, along with starchy pasta water, which creates a creamy sauce.

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